Other names: The Great Diplomat

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Symbols: Broken Sword

Alignment: N

Portfolio: Peace, pacificism, diplomacy

Favored Weapon: none

Common Worshippers: Pacifists, healers, diplomats.

History: One of the Red Circle

Philosophy: All confict can be resolved through diplomacy. Violence hurt the giver as well as the reciever. Respect all other, and thier views.

Dogma: There is no reason to harm another persone. Talk out your difference, or leave the situation.

Places of Worship: Temples to Ghand are rare as is the worship of the god. The few there are resemble hospitals, with beds to take of the sick, or injusred. There are no weapons allowed in the temple.

Average services: A service is much like a mass of most other Gods. Starting with prayers for guidance and wisdom. Allowing patron to absolve themselves of sin. The main difference is the disallowance of weapons, unless they are to be destroyed as a sacrifice to Ghand.

Example Prayer:
Prayer here

Holy Days:


Priest of Ghand are very rare, as there is so much voilence in the world. Many are prosecuted for thier refusal to defend themselves or thier land. All priests wear robes or green and wear a bright green headband, and shave the tops of thier heads. This is to show thier calling to all. Most who see it, will recognize the priest and leave him alone.

Alignments: any
Duties: Priest of Ghand spread the word of non violence. They also act as internediaries between hostile parties or as mediators.
Enemies/Allies: The priesthood claims no enemies, and proclaime they accept all others.
Domains: Healing, Balance, Fate, Pact. A cleric of Ghand can not prepare spell which cause damage or harmfull effects.

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