Other Names: Lady of the Forest, Mother Nature

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Alignment: NG

Portfolio: Animals, plants, Agriculture, Earth

Favored Weapon: Sickle

Common Worshippers: Rangers, Farmers, hunters. Other that spend much time in the wilderness

History: Firiel was one of the latter gods. She ascended with the red circle.
Philosophy: What most followers of the god belive

Dogma: Respect the natural world. Even before there were elves, and men, there were birds and trees. Do not be afraid to hunt or cut down trees, as that is thier purpose, but be responsible.

Places of Worship: There are no churches of Firiel, only shrines, or groves. Many natural places of power are used as places of worship, waterfalls, shaded groves, etc.

Average services: Priest of Firiel have no organized stucture. There are no standard services. If a follower meets another they will usually share tails of things they have seen.

Example Prayer:
Prayer here

Holy Days:
Day that mark the changing of the season are held in high regard for priest of the woodland godess.



Alignments: Alignment of prists allowed usually whithin one step on the god.
Duties: Thing priest of this god are responsible for. What they do day to day.

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