Diabolos – God of decay, and destruction. God of pestilence


Other names: Plague Walker, or The Green Rider

Symbols: A rat's skull

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Portfolio: Disease Decay Destruction Entropy

Favored Weapon: Heavy Mace (Fetid Strike)

Common Worshippers: Evil Humanoids

History: Diabolos is the cancer of Nor

Philosophy: Everything is nothing in the end. Time wears away at all things in the end decay is the only true master. Destroy what stands in your way and leave it to rot upon the field for nothing gold can stay. If infected make others fear you and share your misery with them.

Dogma: How a follower should live thier life, thing they should do.

Places of Worship: The shrines to Diabolos are hidden away in places of decay-abandoned castles and deep swaps where none would tread voluntarily. These places are filled with rotting meat and anyone visiting these places has a 10% chance to get inflicted with the touch of Diabolos. Fort save DC 25 or contract the disease this disease weakens the immune system and gives a –1 penalty to fortitude saves (cumulative to resist contracting a disease, but someone with the Touch of Diabolos takes no damage for the disease instead becoming a Typhoid Mary, they carry any disease that they come in contact with showing it’s signs and fortifying (When passed to another creature the fort DC increases by 2 and has a 1% chance to become magical in nature) .

Average services: Prayers are held in the dark of night and often are orgies of vileness and corruption more then prayer services Clerics and lay worshipers of Diabolos will often sneak onto a field of battle to steal decaying bodies of the dead to breed disease often times they are the one’s who have committed the slaughter.

Example Prayer:
Prayer here

Holy Days:

The Turning, Fall Equinox
is a time of celebration when all things begin to wither and die, Trees lose their leaves, Grass dies, and the land itself spreads death and sickness in the coldest winter months
The Rendering, The 3rd of Shadow
is a time to show the world the destructive power of Diabolos. The faithful all bring objects of value to the shrines and destroy them in signs of respect to their god. This is a holy day when prestige can be earned in the church for destroying something of wealth shows respect destroying items and potions of healing is much better, it is whispered that clerics who destroy holy symbols of Sul worn by powerful priest will receive the Touch of Diabolos for he is most pleased with them
The Salting The day after harvest
Priest of Diabolos look for unguarded fields and sow them with slakt to spread famine and hunger.



Alignments: Any Evil
Duties: Spread disease and Destruction where ever you go and don’t get caught if you do it is better to be tortured and die then betray Diabolos
Enemies/Allies: The Good Gods of Nor
Domains:Evil, Hunger, Pestilence, and Suffering

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