The Enchantress:

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Alignment: Neutral

Portfolio: Music, poetry, the arts
Favored Weapon: none

Common Worshippers: Musicians, Bards, and artists.

History: CAsio was one of the red circle.

Philosophy: Art is the working out of a the soul and spirit.

Dogma: Feel free to express yourself. your music, art, peotry should not be chained. Celebrate the art in everything, from a beautiful crawing, to a well sung tune, to a perfectly executed sword form.

Places of Worship: A Temple to casio is usually beautifully designed with many peices of art. Music can be heard from its door day and night. Each temple tend to be unique. The temples of Casio are gathering places for bards, story collectors, minstrels, gossipers. There are often large parties where people share what they have learned in thier travels. Unlike te God of Knowledge, Casio inspires it's tale teller to embellish and create rather than report.

Average services: Services are more like gatherings, where artists showcase thier talents.

Example Prayer:
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Holy Days:

Festival of Arts, In any good springfest celebration is the Festival of Arts where artist of all types gather to be heard. Along with the Marketplace it is usually a highlight of a Springfest celebration.
Griffon 20
The Gathering - This day celebrate a large turning point in the history of Bardcraft. On this day, in the year 307 the church went to war against a Tyrant named Murdok. This tyrant, leader of a small citystate in Lain, ordered the execution of 16 bards who had been spreading a ocmmon tale about him. While bards have been know to be killed for what they say before, this was the first time anyone had heard of a mass execution of them. It was done in the most brutal manner. Theye were taken to the center square of the city, and srtipped naked. Thier family was forced to watch as the skin was cut from them and tossed into the crowed. Then they were left to die in agonizing pain. The church did not fight with sword or arrow but with words. They took stories of the tyrant and twisted them, showing him to be a fool and coward. So skillfull was the manipulation and so subtle that people began to believe. The queen of Lain ordered him to end his own life, humiliated and paupered. The gathering remembers that a bards weapons are his words. It also remind them they are all part of a larger community that look out for eachother. Bards celebrate by retelling the tales of Murdock the mad, Murdock the fool.


Priest of Casio are truly second nature priest. Like priest of Oxor, they are masters of thier craft first, and loyalist of thier god second. This dose not mean they have less faith than other priests, only that the art is more important then the personification. Most priest are artist who have taken to maintaining the temples. Many are ex bards, who have decided to settle down and teach.

Alignments: Priests of Casio can be any alignment. Most are good.
Duties: Like priests of Gilidan they are responsible for preserving works of art and music. A seconday task is tobring these to people that normally do not get to have them.
Enemies/Allies: While not an enemy, Gilidan is opposed to the idea of embellishment and exageration which are a staple of Casio's faithfull. There can be some tension between the two. Bennetar also tend to wish to control what told to the common people and often finds itself at odds with priest of Casio.

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