Bennatar – God of Vengeance and Hatred God of Tyranny. War God

Other names:Lord of the Wrath, Wraith King, Hell’s Fist, Lord of the Doomed


Symbols: Skull engulfed in black or purple flame. A black ebon mask.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Portfolio: Wrath, Retribution, Evil, Hate, Vengeance, Tyranny, War, and Torment

Favored Weapon: Spear (Return of Pain)

Common Worshippers: People who have been wronged, Tyrants, Power seekers, and the vengeful

History: Bennatar is the God of Strife, when times for Vengeance and Blood come his presence is felt. When war is in the air his resolve is felt pushing leaders to rally the troops against those that have wronged them.

Philosophy: Punish all who deserve my wrath, show no mercy, make the week bow and tremble before you, crush all who would oppose you, Take what is yours for leadership is ordained by birth and deeds. Obey your master, and rule thoes beneath you with a strong hand.

Dogma: Be strong for only the strong are worth anything. If wronged avenge that wrong or else you are weak. Honor those stronger then yourself, respect and pay them heed.

Places of Worship: Condor and other lands where Might makes Right philsophy are common.

Average services: Sundays are the day of service for the follower’s of Bennatar. A typical service is an offering of blood to Bennatar. In areas where human sacrifice is illegal the blood offered is a tithe from all that are present by carving a small crescent into the left wrist above the radial artery. If human sacrifice is allowed the supplicant is often a slave or the unwanted concubine or child of the local tyrant, powerful individuals often use this as a quick way to annul a marriage.

Example Prayer:
Call for Vengence
Right the Wrong in my life
Pain to deep, to much Strife
Grant me strength, your unending power
To crush them now
Avenging Power

Holy Days:
Day of Vengence: the 15th day of Sost On this day the Wrath Lords pray for the power to exact his will of there chosen victims, they must fast for the entire day which starts at midnight and the day ends with a sacrifice to him just before midnight the next night.


The Wrath Lords are a sect devoted to bringing Bennatar’s justice to the world. Raining vengeance on those they feel have committed wrong. Some actively seek out people while others serve as the judges for kings or lords of the lands. They are usually accompanied by Doom Bringers who are the warriors or Blackguards of the order. The members of this sect wear a skull mask Ebon when they are in pursuit of a target and ivory when not. They use a Wraith enveloped in purple flame as their symbol.

The Blood Lords are the sect devoted to war and tyranny. They actively support those wishing to gain power. Preferring to work behind the scenes, slowly corrupting those of influence or simply supporting a tyrant. The Death Dealers are the Blackguards and warriors of this sect. They are ruthless killers who love nothing but the thrill of slaughtering those weaker then them. They wear chain mail laced with bone to appear white. Their symbol is a sword engulfed by purple flames.

Alignments: LE, LN, NE, N

Duties: Common worshippers are often trained by the clergy on the intimacy of war and of might makes right. Those who truly bear the mark of the master are inducted into the clergy as neonates and go through strict teaching and observance to make sure they are worthy of the masters blessing.

Domains:Wrath, Retribution, Evil, and War

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