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Symbols: Pheonix, Flame, fireburst

Alignment: CN

Portfolio: Fire, Earth, Purity

Favored Weapon: Flaming Longsword

Common Worshippers: people who respect the power of fire.

History: Andrade was one of the Circle of Red and ascended with them.

Philosophy: Fire is the most powerful force in the world. It creates, destroys, purifies. Deep in the earth there is a powerful source of fire that must be respected. When a person is consumed by fire thier spirit is released to join the many other that have gone before them. The soul is a source of fire as well, but a different type of fire. The more pure the soul, the more powerful the fire. One should always remain pure, lest the fire burn impurities.

Dogma: Fire is the means purify anything. When something has outlived its purposed it should be consumed by fire. This will free it "soul" to be renewed to the world. Fire can destroy anything and should be respected.

Places of Worship: Temples to Andrade are often large and well made, with lots of torches for light. They can be found anywhere and are almost entirely made of stone. There are several where you can always have a fire. The burning chamber is a stone room with an iron grate. underneat it wood can be stacked to set the room ablaze. The room can often get as hot as a Kiln. There is also the chamber of purity. there is a small fire in this room to make offerings to the godess. Each temple has outside its main door the Eternal Flame. The frst duties of an acolyte is tending the eternal flame. Each flame has been lit with fire that came from another temple. It is said when the first temple to andrade was created, that the goddess herself lit the first fire. She charged the priest to keep it burning for it would be the source of thier fire. It is said there are priest of andrade who derive thier power directly from the eternal flame.

Average services: Before a service each patron writes on a small parchment all of the thing that they regret, from the previous week. An average service starts with a offeing to the goddess. This offering it usually of incense and flowers. Then each of the patron bring thier slip of parchment and offers them to the fire, so their regrets may be washed away. Then there is a time for prayer, and the high priest may speak. After this the priest give patrons time to ask the goddess for guidence, or for boons. They must have a sutible offering for thier boon however, to gove to the burning room. The service closes with a song to the goddess.
Example Prayer:
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Holy Days:
|Sost 17| The Burning Sky. In 510, on this day, the entire sky filled with flames, as far as the eye could see. MAny thought is was the end of the world. The event lasted 5 hours, and then the flames faded. Priest of Andrade say this was a sign of the Godess declaring her presence on the World of Nor, and hole the day in high regard. It is customary for worshipper to offer the goddess a gift on this day each year. |


Priest of Andrade are dedicated to showing the worls the true power of the flame. They normally dress in yellow robes, with the flame symbol on the back of thier red stole. The top back of thier head is shaved and branded with the fame symbol. When a priest commits himself to the priesthood, he must go through a period of adjustment. The first thing that happen is he must give all he own to the fire, including the clothes onhis back. He leaves the fire a new person, one dedicated to purity. He must then obey the priest of the temple until they feel he is worthy. He then return back to the fire, and again burns his acolyte's robes. He is branded and then enter the priesthood as a full brother.

Alignments: Any non lawfull

Duties: Priest of Andrade help in buriel rites that invole cremation. They are responsible for guiding followers in the choosing of sacrifices and assisting thier quest for purity.

Enemies/Allies: Tempest and Andrade were bitter rival as mortals, mostly concerning the attention of men. They remain at odd as gods.

Domains: fire, destruction, earth, purification.

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