Gods Of Nor

Here is a list of the gods of Nor

The Pagan Gods

These god, know as the old gods, are worshiped mostly in older nations. Eroth, Emik, Syr and Condor.
Kerius – God Of Justice. God of Vigilance. War god
Sul -Goddess of Good ,Healing and Life
Twilmeril Goddess of Luck
Tempest – Goddess of Water and Air. Goddess of Storms
Derrilyn – Goddess of Love, Lust and Beauty, Fire, Purity
Grazon – God of Loyalty, Protection, and Tradition, God of Death and Judgement
Diabolos – God of decay, and destruction. God of pestilence.
Bennatar – God of Greed and Vengeance. God of Tyranny. War God
Tahkene – Goddess of Evil, Goddess of Darkness, Mother of Monsters
Keribus – God of the moon and the arts (Music, poetry, art), Fate, One of the Gods of Magic
Firiel – Goddess of Nature, animals and plantlife
The Nameless One – God of Shadows, secrets and thievery. Also a God of Magic
Gilidan – God of knowledge, Crafting
Utua – God of Strength and battle. God of the Stone and the Earth.
Incanus – God of undead.

The One God

Worship of the One god is becoming popular in areas like Skull Island and Syr. Lain and the Free Cities worship The one almost exclusively.
The One God - The new God, God of Heaven and earth. Foe of Demons. God above all Gods.

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