The mere mention of the word Gnome sends some people giggling with glee and others cringing with anger. Gnomes are the only unique race of Nor. While humans, elves and dwarves can be found in other worlds, the Gnomes of Nor can only be found on Nor, because the have been trapped there. The gnomes of Nor started out as Fey creatures, living in the deep ethereal some call Faerie. They lived with the other fey creatures but suffered from a great flaw. They were ordinary. Compared to other races that inhabited the land of the Fey, they were unremarkable. This bothered them as Gnomes are born attention seekers. They put great efforts into getting the notice of the Fey queens. After years of being overlooked, never picked for faerie nobility, never chosen as a champion, or ambassador to other courts, the Gnomes finally took it upon themselves yo get noticed. They gathered together and attacked the Seelie queen, Titania. They of course were easily stopped and as punishment they were banished to the prime martial plane, Nor in particular.

While none of the gnomes alive today remember their time in the lands of the summer fey, they are all born with the innate knowledge of their faerie roots. For centuries they shied away from the inhabitants of Nor, staying hidden in forest glens or low hills. Staying hidden however is not an option this race can endure any longer. It is almost as if a change has come over them. Gnomes now have a strange need to be noticed. They yearn to be the center of attention, and the focus of all around them. There are still some that wish to remain living a life of solitude and isolation, but those who have come out see them as cowards and shadow of the true Gnomen race.

Most gnomes encountered are by those wishing to make names for themselves and so they have left their hidden homes and adopted a "look at me" attitude that most other intelligent beings immediate find distasteful. These Gnomes seek out new experience, wishing to try everything once and making their results known to everyone. If two gnomes get together they often will argue over who has done the most since leaving home. The loser renewing his attempt to experience life more fully.

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