Freeport is located on the western side of Skull Island. The city grew out of a collection of pirate bases, which tended to collect on the island because it was close enough to plenty of tempting targets while still being far enough away from the main continents to provide some safety. Over time, these prates grew steadily in number and accumulated more and more enemies, but none ever succeeded in stamping out the pirates.

This successful defiance of the various continental navies emboldened the pirates, and they decided to retaliate for the various attacks that had been mounted against them. For the first time in the young city's history, they united under a pair of prominent captains and organized a single raiding expedition that was to assault as many targets as possible. Largely through surprise, the Great Raid was very successful, and the loot acquired was truly unprecedented. To this day, the city celebrates Swagfest in honor of the triumph of Captains Drac and Francisco.

However, the Great Raid united the city's enemies too, and they set out on a more determined campaign to resolve the problem once and for all. Eventually, a large fleet composed of ships from several nations was seen to be approaching, and the two captains again led their fleets out. Just before battle was joined, Drac's fleet turned away and returned to the city in accordance with the secret deal he had signed with the continental navies. Francisco's outnumbered fleet was destroyed, and Drac proclaimed himself Sealord of Freeport.

Drac had agreed to give up (more or less) the city's tradition of piracy, and instead use its fleet and tradition of seamanship for trade. As the city had more skilled sailors and shipbuilders than any other, it became a prominent center of seaborne trade. Over the years, this trade has made the city a very wealthy place.

Drac's final legacy was to give control of the city to the Captain's Council that had helped him run the city, and give it the right to choose future Sealords. This arrangement has, generally speaking, held since then, uniting the fractious denizens of the city to an extent that had not been thought possible. While there has been constant turmoil, crime and violence within the city, few have seriously tried to overthrow the Council.

Some years ago, a descendant of Captain Drac named Marten Drac assumed the title of Sealord through a campaign of blackmail and worse. He proceeded to implement a series of tax increases and import duties that drove away many of the city's merchants, but did allow him to decorate his palace and acquire all manner of decadent and bizarre treasures. Most importantly, he also implemented a law that required all future Sealords to be members of the Drac family.

Fortunately for the city, his younger brother and successor, Anton, was a rather better leader. Anton reversed many of his brother's less popular policies, and won back much of the trade that had departed for greener shores. Unlike his predecessors, Anton wanted to involve the city in the wars of the continent, and to use Freeport's considerable naval strength to support Amador in its campaign against The Mark. This was not a popular view in the city, as few saw the profit in it. On the eve of the mission, Anton was assassinated when a single arrow hit him as he inspected the fleet.

His younger cousin Milton took the title, and immediately ended the city's active involvement in continental wars. Instead, he spent all available money building a giant lighthouse to advertise the city and its standing in the world. This tower was to be the tallest human-built structure on Nor, and truly one of the wonders of the world. This was not a popular idea either, but for some reason no-one ever seemed to be able to stand up to the Sealord until, when the lighthouse was completed, it was revealed to be a shrine to the demons Drac worshiped. Milton Drac and several Councilors were killed in battle at the tower as they attempted to use it to summon their dark god, and the city is trying to find a new leader as well as replace the missing Councilors.

City Districts:

The Docks
Eastern District
Drac's End
The Temple District
Merchant District
Warehouse District
The Old City

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