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Thank you sir you help is appreciated

Re: Azaroth and nico by Matthew FournierMatthew Fournier, 04 Mar 2016 00:50

Sure. I have studied the rules of etiquette for the nobles of Eroth, and I'd be happy to teach you to follow them.

Re: Azaroth and nico by ammoubrayammoubray, 03 Mar 2016 23:40

Nico you are good with words and seem to know the cortly ways. I need your help. I need you to teach my how to be polite, and act in noble society.

Azaroth and nico by Matthew FournierMatthew Fournier, 03 Mar 2016 23:21

Fair enough I will prove myself. I thank you sir knight.

Huh, well, what do you know. You realize that if I knight a half orc the whole town will freak out. Lady Sparrow the matriarch of my house will probably grow a third tit. It would be glorious. But I do not knight just anyone. Write down your noble accomplishments, and earn a reputation for being honorable and trustworthy and polite, and we'll see.
We'll see… oh boy, if you manage this, it will be worth it just to see the look on some faces.

Re: Azeroth and Sir Carlton Sparrow by DMDM, 03 Mar 2016 21:59

Look at me and tell me what you see most will say I am an orc and judge me as such even my own people. But I am not this. I am a blooded of the ungol, the nobles of my people. I have the blood of a dragon in my veins. Even more then that my family was the great khons of the ungol there leaders. I should be the leader of my people But I was not strong enough when my uncle died and so my people are lost to me until I can become strong enough to return. But when I return I relize now I must be more then just strong. My people are lost, for too long we have not been able to grow to amont to more then just surviving. When I return to them I want to be a great leader, I want to show them what we can be as people. I have seen your knights and they have inspired me these virtues you speak of is what I seek to bring back to my people to make them better. So I will not buy my knighthood, that is not what I ask of you in return of this blade. What I ask of you is to help me become a true knight, a leader and guardian of men.

A knight… AHAHA.. uh .. You're serious? Now why would you want to be a knight? The title is not what it used to be. There was a time when getting your spurs meant that you exemplified the spirit of true nobility. See today people throw that word around like an insult, but it used to mean something. Nobility was a position of obligation as much as it was of privileged. A noble was tasked with protection of those that served under him, and in reward, he enjoyed the perks of that guardianship. Wealth, and privileged. Nobles didn't think they were better than others, they instead saw themselves as caretakers of those who did not have the skills to do so themselves. The knight was the best of these nobles. One reason was because he chose the path, rather then having it passed on to him hereditary. A knight had to exhibit the qualities of true nobility; bravery, loyalty, chivalry, and honor before anyone would knight him. And then the one who did knight him was forever judged by his protege. It made the bestowing of the title an important deed.
Today though, people are granted the title of Knight as a status symbol, a reward, or payment. Except for some knightly orders, you can't expect a knight to hold those virtues. A knight today is just as likely to abuse his title as he is to honor it. People are no longer judged by those they knight, as it has become almost a kind of currency. Long gone are the days where being a knight meant something. Why would you want to get mixed up in something like that.
Red tears, if you want a knighthood, you can find a noble with a debt and buy one these days.

Re: Azeroth and Sir Carlton Sparrow by DMDM, 03 Mar 2016 02:02

Well I'll be happy to tell you the swords tale and yes there is something I want that you may be able to help me with I am interested in being a knight.

Family sword? we don.. hu… Is that Democlipse. By the ten rings of Gilidan, it is. Were did you get this, this has been lost for ages. Ever since some fool took it to Condor in the middle of a war. You have to tell me how you got this. Do you know how valuable this is? Why this could even get me back in the matriarch's good graces. Name your reward. Anything in my power, it's yours.

Re: Azeroth and Sir Carlton Sparrow by DMDM, 01 Mar 2016 01:12

Well no your title seems to ha e been left out of the info I was given to find you, but that is of no matter I am a half orc and no lover of that side of me. I am one of the blooded of the ungol and my people ha e long faced the orcs. This sword is a long lost family sword of the sparows I am atempting to return it.

you're not here to kill me? You know my name is Carlton the orc-reaper right? This sword by my side is Orc-cleaver. It took the head of old Untaugh, Orc leader of the Erkai. It is responsible for killing hundreds of your kind. What else would you be here for. Why are you handing me a sword?

Re: Azeroth and Sir Carlton Sparrow by DMDM, 29 Feb 2016 22:54

Hold old man blast why most you all asume I come to kill you. I am not your enemy, my name is Azaroth and I come to return something I believe belongs to you. "Holds out the sword"

Carlton: What is bo… Oh. Well now, I was not expecting one of your kind, but I guess when its time to go, its time to go. Know that I will fight. Though I'm old and slow, and will probably not survive I'll cut off one of your tusks before I go. ::He draws his Sword::

Azeroth and Sir Carlton Sparrow by DMDM, 29 Feb 2016 20:13
Anonymous (guest) 12 Dec 2015 00:18
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Temple Quarter

Oxor is dead.

by Anonymous (guest), 12 Dec 2015 00:18

Max has told you what he learned about the crystals. He said that the archivist at the Society, Millicent, has been trying to learn all she can, and if you have any specific question about them, you can ask her.
We know the Owl used a crystal to store the locations of places it had been. The crystal was missing though, and trying to find it, without knowing where it might be would be like finding a needle in a haystack. However after examining the Owl, has an idea. He thinks that the owl must have has some storage ability of its own, otherwise, it would not work without the crystal at all, and we know it does. He think he may be able to create a type of conduit device. This device could be used to connect the owl to a Crystal reader and see if there is any leftover information in the owl.

Max's plan to unlock the owl by DMDM, 01 Feb 2014 18:37

Memory crystal are small pentagon crystals that have the ability to store energy. They are made of an unknown crystal that seem to have the ability to store not only psionic energy, but magical energy as well, making them truly unique, and usable for a wide variety of things. At one time the material must have been plentiful, as there seemed to be a large supply of memory crystals in Nor's past. As of today though, no deposits of the crystal has been found.
We know that the crystals were used for several thing, including powering devices, but the two most common uses we have seen of them have been as light sources, and as repository for knowledge. When placed in to a crystal reader, The reader produces an audio and visual illusion, depicting the contents of the crystal. It is believed that this illusion was a factual capture of the crystal's sounds at the time the crystal was used. Scholars believed that there must have been another device used to imprint the capture into the crystal, but non have been found. In fact only two devices capable of reading the crystals have been discovered, though most believe that many more exist.
The Crystals have been found in quite a few locations over Nor. While one may crop up here and there, collection of them are usually found in ancient sites that people gathered. They seem to has been in use the most during the time of the First Shadow War. It is believed that due to the rarity of paper at the time, the crystals were used exclusively to hold information like we use books today.
Readers are another matter entirely. Only two have been found, and one was destroyed. Both were found, along with the largest source of crystals, in fortresses that were used as sanctuary during the first Shadow War. It is believed by most that there were several of these large fortress cities, but the only verified one left is the Fortress of Light in Armador. Unfortunately the Order of Illumination has sealed off the room that contains the reader and denied all access to it, or the memory crystals contained there, as they believe the magic that powers the device may have a corrupting influence.
The lack of a reader also makes it difficult to find out which of the crystals actually hold information and which had other purposes. All attempts at divination of their purposed by magic or other means has failed to give accurate results. Because of this, Crystals are seen as novelties, but not very valuable. This means there may be people with untold treasures of informaiton walkign around, thinking thier crystal does nothing but shed a bit of light.

Memory Crystals by DMDM, 01 Feb 2014 18:17

There is a little bit in the workbook about the other device you found. It is indeed a replacement hand. It appears it was made for someone they referred to as the general. There is almost nothing about the construction save a single paragraph.
I should have been a bit more careful. The first version of the General's hand is working perfectly. I should have questioned why he wanted a replacement. The cost of such work, is well above what most would pay for simple aesthetics. Although Gillian is better with the engraving than I, I should have at least examined the decorative patterns. Now that the Casing is on, they have a strange feeling about them. Something does not seem right. The eyes does not follow as it should. I am not sure I should provide it. He is already far too reliant on his internal replacements. He has moved well beyond his years. I doubt he would begrudge me a few more days to examine the engraving closer.

The Gauntlet by DMDM, 17 Nov 2013 14:36

The owl - The owl was built as an experiment. While the construction of Clock work messengers was a normal task for Leopold, this particular version has some unusual features. First, it was an experiment in increasing the work time of the creature. The owl, lasts long on a wind up than any of Leopold other constructs. Maximilian says that the mechanism actually somehow steal energy from magical planes to help drive the clockwork. He then goes into a long and confusing explanation which has you head spinning with word such ad planar noodles, void nodule, and multiversal inertia. You come to the conclusion the method is extremely complicated, expensive and requires a lot of magical might.
The second change to this messenger, is that it had the ability to store information. As with most messenger clockwork constructs the magic of the messenger spell allow it to figure out generally where it need to go using Celestial knowledge provided by the spell, but does not encompass all locations everywhere. If the activator can visualize the location, then the messenger can go there, however, if the activator has not been there, nor is the location a well known one, the messenger would not know where the locations is. The owl had the ability to store the locations of everyplace it had ever been. The method of doing this is using a well established method of the time. Memory crystals. At one time this magic/psionic/tech method of storing information was widely used. Mostly during the Time of Shadows as people used to light fires with any fuel they could find. These crystals were safe from that destruction, The owl stored images of places it had been in the crystal, but unfortunately the crystal is missing. It was removed form the owl purposefully. Even if it was still present, the devices for reading these crystals are rare, and the only known one is in the Fortress of Light.
Given however that the owl was on a perch, there is a good possibility that if found, the crystal may contain the information needed to find Leopold other workshops, as this owl was most likely used to carry information between them…
This does lead to several hypotheses.
One, Leopold did not work alone, as he would have no need to send messages to himself. He had assistants. What happened to them?
Second, the last person in the workshop left it intentionally and had the foresight to take the crystal with them, but leave the books and owl behind, which means they must have been in a hurry.

Maximillian's Discoveries. by DMDM, 17 Nov 2013 13:39

Munduggan's Brew:
A barely legal drink made by the dwarves, made with fermented mushrooms.. some nefarious brewers make it "magical"!

Durmont's delight:
Originally invented on the ship Durmont.
This is more of a concotion than a wine. A mixture of three drinks.. a teaspoon of elvin wine mixed with absinthe mixed with Munduggan's Brew. Illegal in most sane parts of the world.

Re: Beer and Wine by TharenTharen, 29 May 2011 17:38
Re: Books
drakedrake 30 Mar 2011 17:28
in discussion The New Adventures of Nor / Wordbuilding » Books

the great grimwars: it is said that true names hold great power and it is also said that in the old days when the orders of magic were still around and mages shared information a collection of books was made containing the true names of many grate beings angles and demons powerful monsters and devils and even some of the legendary immortals. but those times are long gone and the books lost to time if they ever relay existed.

Re: Books by drakedrake, 30 Mar 2011 17:28
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