Fort Renneck

Early in the history of Skull Island, shortly after the establishment of Magnamar, the ogres living in the interior of the island realized that the settlements on the coast were attractive targets for raiding. These raids became more intense as time went on, and eventually led to demands for action from the farmers and village-dwellers who lived outside the city walls. The lords of the city studied the problem, and determined that the most efficient way of controlling the problem would be to establish a fort near the center of the island, so giving the ogres another target and hopefully preventing them from attacking the city again. Fortunately, at this time the head of the Farquhar Merchant House, one of the largest in the city, was found to be a demon worshiper, and his estate was confiscated by the state. The money raised from auctioning it off paid for the construction of the fort.

Fort Renneck sits between a steep cliff and the river, in position to cover the easiest route from the mountains to the coast. The fort is not as large as might have been desired, because it had to be built quickly to minimize the risk of ogres disrupting the construction effort. Once completed, the fort stopped the ogres from attacking, as the easiest route to the city is down the valley it controls. Also, as the Lords of Magnamar had planned, the ogres found the fort a sufficiently interesting target when they felt inclined to go raiding. As the fort is in a distinctly rural area, the garrison was staffed with rangers whenever possible. The garrison acquired the name Black Arrow Rangers, in honor of their first leader's habit of painting his arrowheads black for stealth.

This approach to controlling the ogres worked very well, until recently. An unusually powerful ogre siege led to the capture of the fort and the near-complete destruction of the Black Arrows. Before too much damage could be done, the fort was liberated by a group of adventurers who inflicted enough damage on the ogres to ensure they did not interfere in the rebuilding project. In gratitude for this, the Mayor of Magnamar bestowed the lordship of the fort on Kendrak Runeshield, the paladin who led the liberation effort. Kendrak used some of his own money, along with the taxes paid by the local villagers, to fund the reconstruction. The new version of the fort features a substantial temple to the One God, created by Kendrak and his associate, a cleric named Father Cain. Whether this will be used to spread the word of the One God in the area is not yet clear, though the adventurers have not yet had an opportunity to do this. There are also rumors that the rebuilt keep will be used by agents of the Order of Illumination in support of their investigative activities on the island, though how this can be the case when there are stories of demons flying around the castle itself is not explained.

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