Followers Of Gideon the Disector

History: Gideon was a preist devoted to the goddess Tahkene. He was obsessed with the magical creatures in the world. He considered them strange and beautiful and most of all powerful. As he grew in his own power, he attempted to make himself more like these creatures. He would capture them and study them and using his dark magic, dissect them and use their parts to augment his own. His most famous modification was the addition of two beholder eyes embedded in his palms which could duplicate the beholder deadly ray attacks. His skin was covered in scales from many animals. His replaced his eyes with those of a basilisk. With each change he grew more and more detached from human society.
As his thinking changed, so did his view of a better world. He started to believe that the creatures of magic were better custodians of the world than humanoids. He gathered a following of those who believed in his vision. They worked behind the scenes to secretly place magical beings in power, using trickery and force. Eventually they were stopped by the Order of Illumination. Gideon was imprisoned and banished to a prison in the plane of Carceri. His followers were killed, or fled.

The Followers of Gideon the Dissector today: Gideon's followers disbanded but over the years have still kept the faith. They have worship in secrecy and their goal is to free Gideon and take over where he left off. They often try to put themselves in position of power, and align themselves with magical creatures, including beholders, dopplegangers, and other intelligent aberrations. Their symbol is a palm with an eye in it.

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