Flora Of Nor

Nature's Candy by The Lorekeeper, Sage of Nor
There are many plants of Nor. The more I discover the more I shall reveal. The Identification of all herbs not just the ones I am listing can prove easy or difficult often times knowledge of the natural world is the best identification.

To identify any herb is a DC:15 Knowledge (Nature) Check

Healing Herbs
Astra oh yes a very useful plant detailed here Healing Salves and other herbal items

Golden Bells This is the simplest healing herb found on Nor.

Hordrid's Toungue This slightly stronger healing herb was discovered by Hordrid The Wise in the kingdom of Sost

Sul's Tears This healing herb is found growing around the most devote church's and temples to the goddess Sul

Tobin's Joy This herb was named after the great priest of Sul who helped create The Valley of the Gods

Elder This herb has been known for ages by druids its use as a healing herb has just started to spread to other apothecaries.

Life Everlasting This herb has never seen much use most likely to it's rarity compaired to other herbs including Astra.

Restoritive Herbs

King's Cross This plant is a basis for minor restorive draughts.

Life Everlasting Rare Herb

Curing Herbs

Life Everlasting Rare Herb

Base Herbs

Elderberry This is an base used in the creation of herbal remedies





Shepard's Knot

Saint's Seal

Other Types of Herbs

Rose of Andrade This is one of the rarest plants I have come across.

The Maiden's Joy This slightly bitter plant has a dual purpose.

Tear of Sul

FireBerry This berry only grows underwater and can burst into flame when dry.

Tempest Glory

Fingers of Incanous

Mountin Heather A flower used in "Love Potions"

Firil's Dream Said to make the user enter a dreamy trance like state

Hatch Shade This is a toxic plant used in small quanities as a sleep aid, in large quantities can be fatal.

Twil's Hat A psychodelic mushroom often cultivated by the clergy of Twilmeril

Binders For Remedy Use


Pure Water

Distilled Water

Sacred Water

Distilled Sprites

Purified Distilled Sprites

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