Fixing Freeport

Upon our return from Karzog's tower, I returned to Freeport, finally free to take my place running my company and restoring my family name. I'd like to clean the city up a bit, but that will never happen. I returned to the Enloquicedo family offices, and quickly talked my way in to the main office to see my brother again. Apparently, he'd not improved much since we were last in the city; now he'd acquired a gambling problem. Not only that, but he was apparently getting "support" for that from some of the local gangsters. I used Frick and Frack to persuade their representative to renounce his role in the operation, and he left. My brother didn't offer any real resistance to my resuming my rightful place; evidently he realized he wasn't really up to the job.

While I went to Freeport, Father Cain led the rest of the group to Fort Rennick to oversee the construction of Janus' tomb and the associated temple to the One. He had acquired some money from our adventures, and proceeded to spend it on some fine marble for the building. Also, he and Kendrak ensured that the garrison was still able to fend off the periodic ogre incursions from the mountains.

As I researched the state of my company, it became plain that the biggest problem we face is the Amicus Consortium and their apparently psychic ability to predict the latest fashions among the nobility in Freeport and Coral Reef. As long as they possess this precognitive talent, we will struggle to compete. I am sure that the source of such a skill cannot be entirely natural, and it must be removed if I am to regain my position. As long as I must compete with such a rival, I will not be able to spend the time and money on finding an alternative to the drug trade. However, I cannot destroy such a rival on my own; I'll need the rest of the party to return from Fort Rennick. I'll have Wesley send Cain a report emphasizing the probable demonic nature of this source of Amicus'. I'm sure he'll be willing to eradicate that.

After I sent the report, Cain and Dorian returned from the fort. They had a pair of half-orcs with them; apparently, their tribe was wiped out by the circus, and they joined us because we plan to assault it at some point in the near future. I'm not altogether comfortable working with such creatures, but if Father Cain trusts them, that's good enough for me. It still took a while to persuade my staff to trust them, but I think we reached an understanding. As we finished introductions, I had to leave for my reservation at Maurice's restaurant. For some reason, I brought the rest of the party along. The dinner went better than it could have, except for Dorian nearly getting eaten by the snail served as appetizer, and by the end of it we'd resolved to identify the source of Amicus' information and eliminate it.

As we left the restaurant, we heard the fire alarm call going around the city. We quickly ascertained that the White Bear warehouse was on fire. I immediately headed down, and the erst of the group followed me. we attempted to control the fire with water elementals, but that did not work. We entered the burning building, and soon found a palrethee and a pair of fire elementals. We were able to defeat them and rescue the warehouse staff, but this certainly shows that my enemies (presumably Amicus) are serious, and possess considerable power.

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