Fighting Styles

Sometimes a good warrior can tell where another was trained just by looking at the way the person fights. He is looking for a fighting style he recognizes. Some styles are accounted to people, others to orginizations. They all work the same though. Fighter may start the game knowing a Style, but they must be able to explain how they learned it. One a style is chosen, they may take feat from that style. These feats and any prerequisite to them may be taken as fighter bonus feats. You may learn another style but you need a teacher (Or other way of learning it). Some styles Found on Nor include:

Shield of Swords - A style that specializes in using a one handed sword and leaving the other hand free. It Teaches how to defend and attack with the same weapon, leaving the other hand free.

Lightning Mace Style - Fighting with two maces at the same time, striking foes with lightning speed.

Cresant moon - Fighting with sword and dagger. The Rangers of the Mark are skilled fighting this way.

Twin Viper - made famous by the dreaded bandits known as the highwaymen, this double dagger style specializes in dirty tricks.

Soldiers' Stance - This is the most widley taught fighting style. Spear and sword shield.

Predator’s Bow This style involves the archer taking the time to line up incredible shots with an array of outcomes

Swashbuckler Style A weapon style for the daring no armor type.

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