Thrice was it asked, and so shall it be, but foolish was he that did not ask the price first.

The Fey! Now here is a subject that I am especially familiar with. Take that as a warning that nothing you read here can be assumed to be the truth. The Fey are notorious for being able to manipulate what is known about them. They also have the ability to make you wrote something completely different then what you think you are writing, so any text concerning them could be false or accurate. Because of they they are truly a royal pain in the ass to write about.

Well let me start with a bit of their History. That is about it. That is all we know about where the Fey come from and what they truly are. We do know that they are the some of the oldest beings to live on Nor, and of that we are sure, as the tell us it often, all the time, and anytime a fey tell you the same thing three times, you can be sure it is the truth. While they walked the world long before men, most fey don’t live here. They live in the Deep ethereal. Now granted, scholars will tell you that the deep ethereal is nothing more than a shadow of Nor so they really do live here in a way, but that is for others to decide, not this humble researcher.

Now if they live in the deep ethereal, why do we see them here. Well, that is because the ethereal is a transitive plane, and is conterminous with the Prime Material. IT touches us in all places, and a person on the ethereal border can see into our world. Some places this border if very thin, and the fey have set up villages, and even some cities. These locations are usually called fey forests, and are in deep woods. While there are other places where the border amy be thin, these are the places favored by Fey.
So now we know where fey could be, we ask ourselves, what are the fey? Well, fey come in various races just like on the material plane, and some of them are very close to our own races. If would be hard to tell the difference between a fey goblin and a real goblin. A Fey Elf looks like any other elf most of the time. Sure there are exception, btu in truth, they are very close to the residents of our world. In looks that is. As for how they think, well that is a completely enigma. There seems to be no rhyme or reason why a certain fey has intelligence and some don’t. This is hard to understand, until you meet a kitten that can recite poetry and cast spells. Any fey creature can have the gift of sentience. If you think that makes them like us but ina different form though watch out. Fey do not think like we do. Not even the most twisted of us. Their sense of morality is on a different wave then anything we have. A fey could be ok with you killing their kid, and swear a death oath on you for breaking their favorite stick. It is baffling how they can function together as a society. But then again, that beings me to the next topic. The Courts.

Because of their strange way of thinking, it is my opinion the Courts were created, otherwise we would have crazy fairies running all over the damn place. The Courts provide a leadership and rule structure for the fey to follow. This keeps them from being totally unpredictable and making any interaction with them impossible. There are several Courts, however there seems to be some common rules to them all. The first is hospitality. If you are invited into the domain of another you are expected to respect that persons property, their rules and their presence. The second is obligation. If you provide a service for a fey, they will repay you in kind, and they will expect repayment in response to any service. (We aren’t going to go into manipulation as I am sure you know all about that if you have read this far). Third, the rule of Three. Three is a powerful rule for fey. If something is said three times, it cannot be a lie. If a request is made three time, it cannot be refused (if appropriate). If a promise is made the times, it can not be broken. Some Courts have more rules than this but these seem to be adhered to universally by fey aligned to a court. Beware though, there are fey who are rebeld in a way who will not follow these rules.

There are several known Courts, but the most common are the Seelie and Unseelie.

The Seelie Court is associated with Summer and growing things. Their magic tends to favor earth magic and enchantments. When they do use magic for destruction they favor fire, but only away from htier homes. They are led by the Oberon, The Summer King. He is rarely seen in Human lands, as he is responsible for the safety of the Fey and is often in battle with unknown forces. It is said that he is the mightiest of all Fey. The Seelie Queen is his daughter Auri. She is new to the Court, as her mother abandoned the court before fully teaching her how to be a queen. There are those who say that she should be removed and replaced by a stronger fey, but none have yet tried.

The Unseelie Court, is associated with winter, and things that do not change. Their magic deals with air and ice and their enchantment are also powerful. They are much more willing to use destructive magic, and wish the world to remain in its current balance. They do not like change. They are ruled by Titania, the Queen of Air and Darkness. The Unseelie Princess Meave also also a powerful force in the winter court. The King Madoc Morfryn is seated on his throne, encased in a shell of unnatural Ice, imprisoned there by Titania. He has no influence, nor power in the court.

The Shadow Court is called the moonlit court by the inhabitants. This Court it not recognized by the Seelie or Unseelie for it consists of fey that have been exiled from the other Fey Courts. The Dark Fey or the ScatheSidhe. These fey have named a powerful figure as their Moonlit King, though none know his name. He is called the Vex by the other Courts, but his followers have grown powerful, and they are a force to be worried about.

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