Mountin Heather

This lovely plant is found throughout Nor. It is typically found in temperate mountins regions from which it gets part of it's name. Of the many folklore uses of this plant there are three most common as a seditiove for those with a broken heart, as a love potion in it's own right, and it's perfume is said to make the user more attractive.

The folklore aside the flowers phermones are an aphrodesiac typical of mildly sweet flowers, The scent is calming but I research has not proved this any more so then a calming walk through the woods. Odds are it is just the calls of snake oil sellers who use the lore as an advantage in thier sales. The use of this as a love potion I cannot be sure of for too many recipies exist to make this "Love Potion".

Folk Names: Lady's Wish, Heath, Ling

Gender: Feminine

Celestial Sign: Life Tree

Element: Water

Deities: Derrilyn, Twilmeril


Ritual Use:

Herbal Use:

Herbal Properties

Tier: One

Remedy Creation: None

Delivery Methods Available: None

Creation DC: None

If other, Properties: None

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