Eroth Visits With Coral Reef

The streets were nearly empty as always at this time of day, as a dark shadow passed over them. The few to notice its passing anticipated the event to come with trepidation, few allowing themselves a glimmer of hope. Everyone in the city by now had heard of the visit of Eroth’s Ambassador to Freeport. As the Large Dragon made a circle of the city, he landed in the main square of Coral reef, his protector dismounting to stand beside him. From the main door of the town hall Gabriel Daventree exited into the afternoon sun. The clouds were thick, and hinted at rain soon to come, but he did not seem concerned. He was flanked by two armored figures, clad in dark plate from head to toe, their visors down and face completely hidden.
“Your Excellency, I hope you do not mind the rest of the council not meeting you along with me. As Head of the Noble’s Council, meeting foreign dignitaries is a responsibility that falls to me. I would ask you join me inside, but I would rather keep our hall in one piece.” Daventree’s voice betrayed no hint of his emotion.
“Worry not Councilor, I hope to only take a moment of your time.” Replied the Ambassador, his voice sounding as human as if it had been uttered by any non-dragon. “The necessary forms and such will follow once we reach an agreement.”
“Agreement to what? Coral Reef has no real port, therefore does not need trade treaties. All of our goods we do not produce on our own come from Freeport. You would be bett..”
The ambassador cuts him off. “Skull has always been a part of the Kingdom of Eroth, though circumstances have in the past demanded the Kingdom’s attention elsewhere. It is now time to reestablish loyalties from our vassals.”
“I see” Daventree looked closely at Eroth’s Ambassador. This was no hatchling. A Bronze of this size could level half the city without much effort. Truly impressed by their show of power, he chose his words carefully. “Freeport has agreed already?”
“The captains have just to sign. The king has no intention of making any changes of the government here, nor interfere with the governing. The Nobel’s Council will still rule Coral Reef on behalf of the King. I assure you, little will change, save the fact that you will have a very powerful liege to call on if you need assistance.” With the ambassador’s words, Gabriel knew the hopes of many peasants just died.
“Well then your excellency, I see there is no reason not to agree. He nodded his head to the majestic creature. “Save that Coral Reef is mine!”. He raised his arms and both armored figure closed in towards the Dragon Knight. The Ambassador started to utter the words of a spell, but was too late. Gabriel finished his first. Dragons are some of the oldest creatures on Nor. Not only are they physically powerful, but they are creatures of Magic. The Ambassador was prepared for treachery. Earlier he had laid several enchantments upon himself to protect him from spells. Also by his nature he could resist most magic mortals cared to use. None of that was a match for Gabriel Daventree. He ripped through all of the Dragon’s defenses and natural resistance, and felt the spell settle on the creature. The Ambassador’s bones ripped themselves from his body, tearing flesh and sundering diamond hard scales, to land in a pile at Gabriel’s feet. What was left took a long time dying.
The Dragon Knight was also not a mere guard. He had trained as a Metallic Knight, and risen to the rank of Silver. Rather than ascend to the Gold order, he chose instead to go the way of Dragon Scale. Only the most skilled warriors are chosen for that duty. Of those chosen ever fewer are picked to serve as companion to the handful of Dragons which ally themselves with the Kingdom. All his skill did him little good though, when his foes were not living creatures. This knight had fought the undead before though, and knew the tricks of defeating them, but these armored warriors were not like other undead. They were fueled completely by Gabriel’s will, and as long as Gabriel was alive, they could not be defeated. The same cannot be said of the Knight they faced off against. He was mortal, and it was not long before he suffered a mortal wound.
Gabriel returned to the hall, and summoned his servants. “Return the bones to Eroth, and tell the council there, next time I may decide to keep them.

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