Eroth is the largest country in Aranthar. It compromises the entire Northen half of Eastern Aranthar from the Icy norther Tundra, down the Horseshoe mountains. It runs from the western shores of the Amrid Ocean, to the The Throdon mountains in the east. It is bordered on the east by Incara, on the other side of the Thorodon Mountains, and to the south east by Condor, past the Horseshoes. While Eroth claims lands as fat south as the southern shore of the thunder sea, it's practical borders stop well short of that, with no towns or road int he swampy southwest of the lakewood region.

Eroth is a country of culture and learning. The arts are prized here and magic is not persecuted but it is monitored. A spellcaster can't use magic within a city without permission unless he is a Spellsteward. It is sometimes referred to as the land of open arms were all cultures are welcome.

Eroth has a grand celebration called The Sanction Games that is held every three years. The original reason for the games has been lost to time now it is to celebrate The Rebirth of Eroth.

All are created equal in Eroth. Nobility is not inherited, not defined by wealth, but rather by deed. A lord is chosen by the King and Council. That Lords children will inherit, however they may be removed if found to be of lesser character than their sires. Men and women are equal in Eroth. People are generally happy in Eroth. There is plenty or work for those who wish it, and there is little to no oppression. A man may arrive a pauper and become something great.


Eroth is an old nation, dating back tot he founding of Aranthar. It once covered all of East and west Aranthar, but war and cataclysm has reduced it to its current size. It was founded by Aranthar, for whom the continents are named. Before its founding the entire regions was a collection of small territories ruled by this or that ruler. War was a constant and borders shifted often. Aranthar the great, a warrior of some renown set about bringing order to the region. His campaign lasted over two decades, but in the end, he concurred every one of the smaller kingdoms, and united all of Aranthar into what would later be known as Eroth. He and his descendant rules for several generations, until the first Shadow war. While his name is known well, little else is known about that time, as the the First Shadow war destroyed most of the records of the time. The war itself is also a mystery as the armies of shadow did everything they could to eradicate any knowledge. It isn't until the end of the war that any accurate records were kept. When Aragon returned from worlds far off to drove the forces of Shadow back into hiding he reestablished the kingdom of Eroth, and ruled there as a benevolent king. He and his Heirs ruled peacefully until the year 275 when Eroth was invaded by creatures from the Black Lands. The Capital city of Sanction was completely destroyed and though Eroth was able to keep itself from full defeat, it suffered greatly. In fact over the next 100 years, there was constant attack back and forth, with neither party truly able to finish off the other until finally 100 years after the initial attack, Eroth was able to finally push back the forces of the black lands permanently and slay it ruler, a powerful fiend. The war had taken it's toll though and much of the land Eroth had once controlled had been lost. It simply did not have the strength to keep together it outer regions and eventually they broke away and governed themselves. Eroth still held most of Eastern Aranthar though, and was still a powerful force in the world.

Eroth entered into a golden Age, where it concentrated on becoming a center of power, rather than trying to expand its lands and retake what it lost. It's King, Averon, concentrated on enriching it's people. It prospered for quite some time, until the second Shadow War in 450. The ruler at the time King Calic thought of the war as more of a battle between armies, rather than a match up of mystical power it was. Instead of seeking a way to end the war through magical means, he increased the size of his army. Although he outnumbered the Forces of the shadow greatly, the shadow forces were not normal men, and could not be fought like men. They decimated King Calic's army.. Just when all was thought lost, a young warrior named Perive, battled the incarnation of Ba'azlemon, and brought down a great flame, killing himself and Ba'azelmon, ending the control the dark leader had over his creatures and making them vulnerable. All across the continents of Aranthar, the battle turned, and the shadow creatures were driven back.

Again, Eroth entered a time of relative peace. This period lasted until 521, and the third Shadow War. While the war never reached Sanction, it was however ended by the destruction of the Seven Stones of Power. These Magical Items, focused much of the magic in the world, and with their destruction, many things built with the aid of magic were destroyed. The magic used to build and strengthen them had gone, and now the natural force took their toll. While Eroth was not entirely built of magic, it did play a great part in the creation of the capital city. It also held shut a powerful gate that led entrance to the lower planes. With the magic protecting the city from the gate gone, denziens of the lower planes escaped into Sanction, completely ravaging it and its inhabitants. It is said the king and the council were all destroyed, leaving the country leaderless and int he midst of great destruction. A few noble men tried to lead the country back from this, but unfortunately none had the ability, and slowly Eroth fell in to chaos and was no more, ending it's long reign in the region.

In the year 725, over 500 years from the fall of Eroth a young knight of the Mark, Robert Drake, fascinated with the stories of his great great grandfather, a one time Knight of Eroth pledged to bring back the great kingdom, and the knights that defended it. He traveled with a group of adventurers known as the Band of the Red Fox. The region was a lawless land, populated by bandits, and survivors of the Sundering. these bandits were brought together by a ruthless leader named Lord Bornhold an ex member of The Order of Illumination and a Blackguard.
The Band of the Red Fox after freeing Skyvale from the hold of a vampire and his spawn turned there eyes on him. Sir Robert Drake reformed The Metallic Knights of Eroth, Wazuki gained leadership of a platoon of The Order of Illumination, Durmont gained financial aid from the merchants of the area while, Aradia the Red and Jonesy rallied the surviving villages to fight. So with the help of the the hunting lion clan and the Silver Raven Mercenary's Eroth was reclaimed.
Today it continues to rebuild its once grand self. the capital city of Sanction is now rebuilt and the people are prosperous. but there is still much to be done. The Twin Cities are once again a gateway for trade and commerce. Laketown, deemed lost is now completely reclaimed by the great forest, and it's but a ruin, inhabited by the ghosts of its former residents and worse. The Knights of Eroth have been rebuilt and are now a powerful force in the region.


Eroth is currently ruled by the King Cedric Overdale. He is the winner of the 790 Sanction Games and was deemed worthy by the Sword of Eroth, peacekeeper. He is advised by the High Council of Eroth. The council currently consists of the High Lord of Merchants, Macolm Stark, the Steward of Skyvale, Tyrell Knott, the Lord Captain of the Knights, Ulthos Morallis, the High Priest of Kerius, Rulos Karenmore, the elected people's representative, the Asimar, Genevine Archbright, and the Archmage of Eroth, whose seat is currently unfilled due to the passing of the last archemage.


Eroth is believed to be the most powerful kingdom in Aranthar, mainly due to it elite order of defenders. In addition to a large standing army, Eroth is home of the Knight of Eroth. Elite warriors known the world over as noble and deadly. They include the three standard Metallic orders, as well as the order of the Dragon Knights, the Jade Order, and the Mithril Order. There duties and responsibilities are keeping the order and safety of Eroth. Other faithful servants of Eroth consist of The Swords of Eroth, psionic scouts who's mounts forge a psychic link with them and are chosen by there mounts.

Recently Eroth is also the home of several powerful mercenary companies, bolstering it's strength even further.

The town's of Eroth are

Skyvale Located in the Goldale in the Eastern part of Eroth

Sanction Built on Lake Biddo

The Twin Cities On the Western Shore

Edgewood Southernmost town, on the edge of Lakewood

Hearst Castle Marking the southern border of the patrolled Lands

Castle Lakeheart Guarding the central crossing of the Reign River, Between two lakes.

Fort Kingshill Guards the Eastern Bridge over the Reign River.

Locations Of Interest in Eroth

The Valley of the Gods


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