Enloquicedo Merchant House

The Enloquicedo Merchant House is one of the oldest human merchant companies in Nor. It has been in existence for six generations, run by various members of its founding family. It began by taking the pearls from Coral Reef to The Mark and Syr, especially Seaport. Since then, it has expanded considerably. In the early days, growth was slow, as there were many other shipowners competing for the job of shipping the pearls. The company initially expanded by offering more money to the divers, as it had had the foresight to purchase a more modern ship than its rivals. This allowed it to become one of the biggest companies on the island.

The House's biggest break came later; the owner of the largest shipping concern on the island was found to be a demon-worshiper, and was forced to flee ahead of agents of the Order of Illumination (the Order did not approve of an organization that handled much of its external trade participating such activities, and sent representatives to the island to solve the problem). Simien Enloquicedo, the head of the House at the time, was quick to offer to run his former rival's fleet, in order to avoid unnecessary disruption to the economy of the island. His offer was accepted (perhaps with the help of a few well-placed bribes), and the family firm was now the biggest on the island.

(Later, some people, obviously bitter associates of the foul demon worshiper, noted that Simien, a skilled mage, had begun trading with the Takhene devotees in Condor the year before, and had also begun importing the famously pure silver found there - silver very similar to that found in the basement of his demon-worshiping rival…. These rumors were denounced in the Freeport Times (just purchased by Simien) as the work of other merchants rendered blind with jealousy, and no one still believes such ridiculous conspiracy theories. )

The Company (they insist on the capitalization) has become famous for its willingness to employ wizards to support its commercial efforts. Diviners are used to predict the weather, enabling the Company's ships to avoid storms, pirates and irrational captains of the Armador Navy out to stifle its entirely law-abiding (which law is not always stated) activities. Also, they do an excellent job of determining which areas will be best to trade with in upcoming seasons.

Now that it is clearly the largest company on the island, the firm makes a tidy profit exporting pearls and items produced by the craftsmen of Freeport to Eroth and Condor, and using that money to buy grain from Eroth, tobacco from the famed fields around Hilston, and various magical and alchemical items from Condor. The grain is sold all over Western Arathanthar (all those mountains limit agriculture), the tobacco is very popular in Freeport, and magical support is always a hot commdity. What he sells to the Company (and what they presumably use to pay King Edris for the magic-item creating services of the Clergy of Takhene) is not recorded.

Recently, another company, the White Bear Trading Corporation, has emerged in Freeport. They ship many of the same commodities, except the magical supplies from Condor, but trade exclusively with Amador. The Enloquicedo-owned press regularly runs articles denouncing the underhanded trading practices of this upstart organization and their refusal to trade with the good people of Condor, and the citizens of Freeport wonder how they can compete. In reality, the White Bear Company is a subsidiary of the Enloquicedo Company, set up to allow them to trade with both sides of the Amador/Mark war. Management of the combined company is very careful to let as few people as possible know this.

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