Emic is a collection of small city states that sits in the northern part of Western Aranthar. It is bordered on the west by Arnonia, and the East by Zaravar. It runs south to Arnonia and the Elven Lands and North to the IceWall. It once held the lands east, what is now Zaravar, before Zaravar broke off and became a nation of its own. Most of the region is open plain, and is fertile for growing. It also contains one of Nor's Largest Lakes, Lake Lochnin. Several of the key cities of the region are built on the Lake. West of the Lake lies the Godswood. A large forest that is the source of lumber for the entire region.

Government Emic has no unified government. Each of the member cities is responsible for overseeing their own affairs. There is a group of leaders called the Free Council though. Each city has a representative on this council, and it is used a mediation board for disputes between cities, and to also handle any situation that affect the entire region. Their main purpose though is to control trade in the region. They set Tariffs and regulation for goods coming into the region from other countries, and also provide an avenue for the free cities to act collectively in matters of trade, they would otherwise be unable to. This reduces any advantage a larger trade partner may try to take advantage of. The Free Council meets in Hilston, the northernmost of the cites, and the oldest.

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