Elvenhome, or Arlion it's elven name is the ancient home of the Ellisti, or High Elves. It it a part of a larger forest called Myr Woods south of Emic. Myr Woods is a large mixed forest. Towards the center of the forest, the trees change type almost exclusively to Aryl Trees, also called Elven Aspen Trees even they they are much larger and wider. It is among these trees Elvenhome is built. The homes are up high in the boughs, sometimes even on different levels of the same tree. Rope bridges stretch between the trees provide a way for the elves to move among the city without ever going to the ground. All the dwellings are made of natural material and are built to be almost invisible from the ground.
The city is completely self sufficient if need be and is protected by a powerful magical enchantment that is capable of making decisions on its own on how to best protect Elvenhome.

The city is ruled by the King, who is advised by a council of Elders made up from the oldest and most powerful Elven Families.

Alantar - First Family and ruling Family of Elvenhome.
Braegen - Second family, the Bregan Family have a long tradition of mastering the sword. The family traditionally serve the king with tasks outside of the forest that require subtlety and small numbers. They also act as ambassadors and study the other races and people of nor.
Elian - Third Family, is known for itscrafting skills. Whether it is mundane or magical, Elian crafters know their way around it.
Evanara - The fourth family were once higher, as they researched magic and were responsible for training Elves in its use. They are also responsible in maintaining the enchantments that keep the city safe. Their status has fallen a bit since it was discovered that some of them were part of a necromantic circle studying forbidden lore.
Starym - The fifth family of Elvenhome would normally be much higher as the Starym family is the oldest quite possibly the most powerful. Unfortunately its members have a predisposition to madness. Mostly in the form of eccentricity but some have gone further into violent derangement. The family has a gift of prophecy which serves the people of Elvenhome and has kept the family high in ranking.
Selorn - The sixth family on the council of elders is traditionally the kings military advisor. Those belonging to the Selorn family have a long tradition of martial training and are usually tasked with teaching young elves sword and bow. The family runs the Elven Army are are tasked with keeping the people trained for war should the need ever arise. Unlike Braegen they are specialized in tactics and working as a unit.

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