Ebb is a conclave or nation of Elves far to the South, in the early days of Eroth, Ebb was open as many of the Elven Nations were.

Little is known of Ebb, it was cut off from the world for so long under a dreadful curse, that is was all but forgotten.

I came accross a history book that claimed that the Dark Mage Nagamana was an from Ebb, and that his brother a mage as well was sacrificed to some dark Diety by him.

However, as far as rumors go this is untrue. true Nagamana was Elvin and possibly from Ebb, he was not responsible for his Brother death. His brother killed himself at the border to the kingdom of Ebb, and it was this that is said caused of the Curse, but it was by his own hands not Nagamana's. I believe it was his pride that caused his death, but it is just speculation.

The Elves of Elvenhome broke away from the Elves of Ebb in the distant past. It is said due to a princess falling in love with a human or the acceptance of humans in some elven circles.

This debate goes on in countless lands throughout the multiverse, so i will not get into the gory details or debate.

unfortunely, I am not an elf historian, and beyond the fine wine ceremony, i have had little introduction into elven society. So if anyone who was there remembers more details, please feel free to add them in here.

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