Eastern District

The Eastern District is the bastion of the middle class. In Freeport, however, middle class is not synonymous with comfort and stability. Only the wealthy can really be sure of their future. For most of the scrabbling middle class (known colloquially as Easterners) in Freeport, financial ruin is only one bad business deal away. A decade of hard work can be washed away in a matter of days. Disasters such as this are known as the “Scurvytown Express,” since newly impoverished Easterners quickly migrate to the cheap flophouses of Scurvytown or, if they’re lucky, Drac’s End.

Easterners are always looking to make some quick cash or better their position. This ambition gives the district an exciting, dynamic feel. The streets here are full of hustle and bustle and wheel and deal. While many folk still live in multifamily tenements, they are generally much better kept than those of either Drac’s End or the festering hives of Scurvytown. Easterners are more likely to have a row house of their own, and a lucky few even have small yards.

The district is home to many small specialty shops and businesses, as well as up-and-coming sea captains and merchants. Craftsmen like blacksmiths, carpenters, coopers, and the like also make the Eastern District their home—although, those having more “olfactory impact” (such as tanners) are “encouraged” to keep their businesses in Scurvytown.

Eastern District Locations:
1) Chambers Asylum
2) Field of Honor
3) The Golden Pillar Society
4) The Hafling Benevolent Society
5) Hellhound Social Club
6) Kafe Ilkin
7) Strebbeck's Beer Hall
8) The Warg Company
9) Pete's
10) Seacats Folly
11) The Sea Lady's Luck
12) Gentleman John's
13) Assad's Smoke Shop
14) Alchemical Oddities
15) Edgar's Apparel
16) The Store
17) Corben's Swords
18) The Turtle's Shell
19) Herbert's Pawn
20) The Devil's Luck
21) Alice's House
22) The Old Stage

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