Dwarvern City Thorodon

This brings our band to Thorodon. This ancient city of the dwarves has stood for as long as anyone could remember. The earliest stories and legends all speak as if it was ancient even in ancient times. Once the band found Dorfin's father, and the key he wore, they were able to find the doors of Thorodon through the mines of Lucid and open the doors into the city. It wasn't long before they were able to find out what happened. Many years ago the dwarves had uncovered a rare breed of Dragon, a stone Dragon, so named for its breath which turned people to stone. For years it and the dwarves lived in peace, but something in the past changed that. The dragon grew angry with the dwarves and attacked the city. It was driven away with the help of one of the Stones of power. The dragon was forced into the deepest mines and sealed there.

Many years after, several dwarves thought it was time to see if the dragon was still there. Certainly it would not still hold a grudge. They were wrong. The dragon was there and was still angry. This time without the stone or power the dragon was the victor. During his captivity he also found strong allies with other creatures that travel the ways deep under the earth. These allies saw the city of Thorodon ripe for the taking and with the help of the dragon they did just that. They invaded Thorodon and enslaved those dwarf the dragon did not get.

The band found this out as they traveled to the main palace to the vault that contained the Starjewel They even encountered some of these creatures, squid looking things that were able to take of the minds of Donovan and Jonsey. Fortunately the band was able to overcome them and find the vault.

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