Duskblade Brotherhood

The origin of the Duskblade Brotherhood goes back to the early days of Incara. Their exact beginnings have been lost to time, but that are a martial order dedicated to protecting the sealed tombs of the Amon who have passed. While the Amons had their own sect of Temple Guards, the Duskblade Brotherhood were more of a spy network than an outright military group. They were named the Dusblade Brotherhood, as they stayed in the dark alleys, and secret societies, looking for those that would defile the resting places of the Amon to claim treasure or power. They often kept their martial skill a secret from those around them, preferring to stay hidden and only reveal themselves when there was a threat to the sanctity of the interred Amon. They identified each other by a tattoo.

For many centuries they did their job well, their legacy and fighting skill passed down from father to son. For many families it became a matter of honor. The brotherhood also evolved. Through the years they discovered the potential danger that could be unleashed from the tombs of the most powerful. From undead, to ancient treasures that were best buried with their owners, to curses and traps. With the Amon’s blessing they expanded their guardianship to tombs of all kinds, not just those of the ancient Amon.
When the Sons of Kirzon spit Incara and brought down the last of the Great Amons, the brotherhood found themselves without a patron but they did not abandon their duty. They still took it upon themselves to guard this powerful sites, especially now, since there were no forces of the Amon to watch over them. They became these sites’ only guardians. For almost a thousand years, they worked tirelessly to keep these places sealed and the people of Incara safe from the dangers they may hold.

When Kahmet, declared himself, as the prophesy come true, the brotherhood sent their top leaders to him. They wished to show they had not wavered in their sacred duty, and had protected the resting places of the dead while Incara was without leadership. They wish to renew ties with the new Amon and take their rightful place. The Leader Mor’mahed and his trusted second, Akil. Instead of finding an Amon who understood the danger of unleashing the terrible power of the ancient Amon on the world, they found a leader who wished to open these placed to everyone and use the sacred contents for gain. Mor’mahed felt betrayed, and pleaded with the Amon. The Amon then ordered the Brotherhood leader arrested. He resisted and was killed by his own second. Akil may not have agreed with the Amon, but he was the Amon, destined by birth and divine prejudice to rule Incara, and his word was not to be questioned.

Khamet rewarded Akil, and named him mou’min, the faithful. He returned to the brotherhood and the tale spread quickly. This cause a rift between he brotherhood between those who would be loyal to the Amon, and those who believed that no true Amon would endanger Incara by opening up the sealed resting places of the dead. Soon there was fighting within the ranks of the brotherhood. Those who felt as mor’mahed, saw him as a martyr and were more numerous than those loyal to Akil. They drove the Mou’min out and expelled them from the brotherhood. Akil however claimed that he was true to the brotherhood and those honoring the traitor Mor’mohad were breaking their vows to the Amon.

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