Durmont S Luck

The band has come back to the tavern after a trip to the local showhouse to see what they thought was the Troupe of the seven swords, Instead they got to see the seven sabres, and returned very disgruntled. They got back in time to find that Durmont had gotten himself into an unlucky situation. He made a rather high bet and couldn't pay off. Two goons grabbed him and took him away. The band followed the trail finding that the goons worked for Fisk the Fat, a local crime boss, and member of the Black Hand Thieves Guild. The managed to find the two goons that took Durmont and learned that Fisk has a place under the candle shop. A visit there found Fisk and his whole crew of unsavory folk. His place is a literal haven of decadance with slaves, feasts and death machines. They were dropped into a pit and forced to battle for thier lives, against a large green reptilian creature. Then after killing it, and pissing of Fisk, they were locked in a cage, and dropped into the water to feed the sharks. Quick thinking, and good use of a wand which summons creatures, got them out of the very watery situation and back on dry land. Just in time to find a summons from the Mistress of Storms. Now they have have to avoid the notice of Fisk.

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