Drinks Of Nor


Firebelly Wine
A mixture of wine and Firebelly Berries, the drink is usually served warm

Strawberry Cicle
Strawberry and Honeysucle, sweet summer wine

Sour Farms
Light sour wine made from vegtables

Blood Wine
Cherry wine

Haven's Heaven
A sweet homemade wine with hints of mint and cocoa

Dagon's Best
A dark red bitter wine, made from cranberry

Southern Home
A light citrus tasting wine

Kurgan's Brew
A suprisingly sweet wine with an after taste of winterberry

Red's Farm Apple Wine
For the winno in all of us just 9cp a jug

Quigin's Scholor
A fine wine for those with delicate pallets

A vile tasting exceptional strong wine brewed with fungus and muck from the badlands of Lain

Ultra light wine made from fresh flowers some also use as perfume.

Beer and Ale

Samkin Allans Cherry Wheat Brew
A famous halfing draft named after it's supposed brewer

Dew Beer
Green tinted beer

Bitburg Lagger
House special from the tavarn in Bitburg located beyond the Ice Wall

Canning Ale
Sweet beer givin to children during the holidays

Mcnally's Best
A light summer brew with citrus and pommergranite

Mcnally's Dark
A heavy ale that can double as a meal by itself

Red Tide
A salty ale bright as the red tide from wich it gets its name

Moon Kiss
A pale light ale almost silver in color made by Elves

Earth Blood
A dwarvern ale with a heavy taste and a bitter smell stronger then most brews

Black Haven
A Rich nuty ale made with Hazel, Beech, and Ginger Served Exclusivly at Haven in Dagon's Hollow

A Orc brew the ingreadients include, blood of the ram and Turgston Mold

Seasonal Drinks

Twil's Toast
A coffee liquire mixed with cow milk and a sprinkling of nutmeg

Fridagar Frost
A hearty cider servend warm for cold nights

Erothian Nog
A secret blend of spices made this egg nog world famous, recently the recipe has once again resurfaced

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