Anytime there is an oppressor there are always those who rise to oppose them. Dragonslayers are men and women devoted to the destruction of the evil dragons. They defy the laws of Tahkene and hunt dragon down and destroy them. These hunted adventurers are the most wanted by the Vemoraxx. Their defiance in the face of the laws, are a threat to the power of the dragon priests and the Vemoraxx will do anything to end them. Because of this Dragonslayers usually stay away form cities and settlements. They live in the wilderness on the outskirts, though there are rumors of those leading double lives. They usually wear armor of clothing of dragon scales and jewelry of dragon teeth to show they are not afraid of the Vemoraxx or their draconic masters.
They tend to be loners, though groups of dragonslayers working together are not unheard of. They may have connections to the resistance. One thing is know, for they to have survived in this world, they must be dangerous.

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