Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer Archetype.
A dragon slayer is a ranger who specializes in the destruction of dragons. It also refers to a secret organization where members of this class and other gather who are dedicated to fighting the coming of the Great Dragon.

Dragon Lore
The Dragon Slayers gain +4 to all knowledge check regarding Dragons. In addition, he can use Knowledge Nature instead of Arcana to learn about Dragons. This replaces Animal Handling.
Dragon Bane
The Dragon Slayer must choose Dragon as their favored Enemy, and must choose always have Dragon as their Highest Bonus. This changes Favored Enemy.
Dragon Crafting
The Dragon slayer can create items from the corpses of dragons. A Dragon Slayer is adept at creating these items and does not increase the complexity when crafting dragon material items.
At 7th level Dragoncrafting acts like the Master Crafter feat in addition to its normal use. The Dragon Slayer may use this with any crafting skill, but only for Dragon material items. This replaces Hunter’s Bond.
Dragon Slayer’s Resistance
The Dragon Slayer gain +2 to save vs all spell like abilities or spells cast by Dragons and Draconic races. The Dragon Slayer has evasion against any breath weapon effect.
At 5th Level, the dragon slayer’s bonus goes up to +4 and he gains improved evasion to Breath weapons.
At 7th Level A Dragon Slayers allies within 20 feet also benefit from the Dragon Slayers resistance (both bonus to save and evasion).
This ability replaces Favored Terrain
A dragon Slayer gains immunity to Dragon Fear. Additionally, he may spend a standard action to cause allies suffering from dragon fear who are within 60 feet to reroll their failed saved with a +4 bonus. This replaces woodland stride.

Dragon Material Items

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