Down Time

The band has had some time to relax, and have gone about trying to find a way to acomplish thier goals. The discovered a group of the Order of illumination here, who were in a nearby village causing trouble with the locals. They pushed a town to persecute an outsider as a evil spell caster murderer. They captured the man broke him and eventually caused his death. After some searching they found the man was not evil, but a bard, and a member of the Guardians. They found the true murderer and delivered justice.

Also they had an encounter with Bray, a member of the royal Elven Corp. He is looking for his queen and found Donovan wearing her ring. The ring is a symbol of Elven Royalty, but it also brings trouble. The more fanatic followers of the current king are out to make sure the queen is never seen again.

Robert has hired the mercenary Gage to help him in his quest and recruited several local to start training them fight. He has also made contact with Eroth's swords and discovered the reason Rilpil does not get involved with the fight.

Arvendel has discovered that he has the ability to speak with the sword's compnions. What this means however is still a mystery.

Red has taken the time to befriend a local music instrument crafter, and is getting well know among the city for her stories about the band. She has mede Robert and the band into a local hero.

Durmont has been seen here and there but no one is quite sure what he is doing. He was last heard asking a local merchqant how much it would cost to deliever wine from Ebb to the valley if the way were clear of Bornehold.

Wasuki discovered that he is the highest ranking order member here in the valley. While that puts the men here under his copntrol, it also put a rift between him and the questioners who seem to have thier own agenda.

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