Dogs Of War Mercenary Comp

The Dogs of War are an elite mercenary company based out of Dion, one of the free cities in the Black Lands. One of the things that make them unique is their unwavering loyalty to the person they are hired out to. Once the contract is signed nothing will divert them from competing it. The company is split into to working parts, The Hound Legion and the Singular’s. The Hound Legion is the standing army of the company, while the singulars are elite bodyguards hired out separately to high paying individuals.

All members of The Dogs of War are orphans raised by the company from childhood to be solders in the army. The ones who show particular skill are trained as Singular’s. Scouts are sent out yearly to surrounding cities and towns to look for perspective orphans, this is done to ensure that the solders have no ties or loyalties to any but The Dogs of War. The final thing that separates them from other mercenary companies is there training and code. The members are trained from children in the arts of war, history, and diplomacy. There are put through grueling punishment to increase there stamina, endurance, and will to fight. They are taught that there only loyalty must always be to there contract even onto death.
"Your honor is in your loyalty and your loyalty is in your contract".


1. Never will you turn on or run from Dion.

2. You will always remain loyal to your contract.

3. Never shell you harm any child, elderly, or women (any women that picks up a weapon becomes a warrior)

4. Looting and plundering are for barbarians and highwaymen we are soldiers.

5.Fear is not in the world of a soldier, you will always perform you duties no mater what you face.

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