Devotional Feats

Devotional Feat.
By declaring yourself a worshipper of a God, you may choose to take a coresponding devotional feat as one of your normal feat selections. If you ever change from worship of that god or somehow fall into the god's disfavor, the bonus from the feat is lost until attoned. You can only have one devotional feat.

Initiate of Kerius
Prereq: BAB+3
Benefit: +1 Sacred bonus on att and dam against someone you have witnessed committing a crime

Initiate of Sul
Prereq: Heal Skill 3 ranks
Benefit: When treating wounds a succesful heal check DC15 allows you to restore 1hp +1 Per 5pts over the DC to a maxium of your character lvl.

Initiate of Twilmeril
Prereq: Base Saves +2
Benefit: 1/d you can reroll any failed saving throw with a bonus equal to your charisma modifier you must take the result of the re-roll, This counts as a luck feat and can be powered by (2) luck rolls (after the free daily use) and increases the number of luck rolls per day by one.

Intiate of Tempest
Prereq: BAB+3
Benefit: Once per day you can invoke the power of storms sending out a gout oe electricity to 5ft around you dealing 1d6 +1 per 2/character lvls with a ref save of 10+1/2char lvl + Wis mod for half damage.

Initiate of Derrilyn
PreReq: Cha Based skill with 3 ranks
Benefit: You can reroll a cha skill 1/d with a +2 sacred bonus and take the better result. Use of this ability can be used after the roll is made but before the result is known.

Initiate of Grazon
PreReq: BAB+3
Benefit: Once per encounter you can as an immediate action push a nearby ally out of the way and intercept a blow ment for them.

Initiate of Oxor
PreReq: Craft 3 ranks, or Profession 3 ranks (for Items made by Profession Only(Herbalist))
Benefit: When crafting and you fail your roll by 5 or more you only ruin 1/4 of the raw materials not 1/2.

Initiate of Diabolos
PreReq: Fort Save +3
Benefit: If you fail a save against a disease roll a second save if the second roll is successful you become a carrier and are not damaged by that disease.

Initiate of Bennatar
PreReq: BAB +3
Benefit: When injured by someone you can place an oath of vegence upon them giving you +1 Profane bonus to Hit and Damage against that opponet. This ability can only be used against a single foe at a time, you can choose to lose this bonus in favor of another enemy but only if damaged by the new enemy.

Initiate of Takhene
PreReq: BAB +3
Benefit: As a Swift action You may grow a claw on your hand that can be used to make claw attacks (1d4). This effect last untill the end of your turn.

Initiate of Keribus
PreReq: Knowledge(Arcana) 3 Ranks
Benefit: +2 bonus on caster lvl checks.

Initiate of Firiel
PreReq: Knowledge (Nature) 3 Ranks
Benefit: If you succeed in a dc 25 knowledge nature check you recieve a +2 bonus on Survival, Heal, or knowledge Checks as you compare the natural world with other areas of anatomy and knowledge.

Initiate of Kiril
PreReq: BAB+3
Benefit: Once a day for the duration of the current encounter you can recieve a +1 Insight bonus to hit and dam or AC as you see a glimpse of what fate has instore for you.

Initiate of The Nameless One
PreReq: Cha 12
Benefit: You are immune to dicern lie spells and other that detect falshood.

Initiate of Andrade
PreReq: Knowledge Religion 3 Ranks
Benefit: You have the ability to call a non-magical fire at will. This fire is not hot enough to damage but can cause combustible item to catch.

Initiate of Gilidan
PreReq: Three Knowledge skills at 1 ranks
Benefit: You may select three knowledge skills and add a your wisdom modifier in addition to your intelligence modifier to checks with those skills.

Initiate of Utua
PreReq: BAB +3
Benefit: Your Str Modifier applies 1.5 times for ability checks

Initiate of Incanus
PreReq: Heal 1 rank, Knowledge (Religion) 3 Ranks
Benefit: +1 Caster lvl when casting spells from the school of Necromancy

Initiate of The One God
PreReq: BAB +3
Benefit: 1/d you can add a bonus on any roll of 1/5 your character lvl minium +1

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