Derrilyn – Goddess of Love, Lust and Beauty
Other names
Symbols: Pink Rose wound around A rod
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Portfolio: Love Sex Lust Sexuality Persuasion Seduction

Favored Weapon: Touch Spells or Unarmed Strike

Common Worshippers: The young, lovers, and people with large sexual appetites offer prayer to Derrilyn

History: Derrilyn is a flirt and great seducer. She loves beauty and Companionship

Dogma: Derrilyn asks here followers to revel in new experiences to enjoy every touch and every feel. The most pious of the faithful sometimes find themselves named Casanova the great lover. This is a blessing in the minds of others of the faith but most farmers are quick to show a well-known Casanova the way to the next town before their sons or daughters get mixed up with them.

Places of Worship: The temple to Derrilyn is home to the oldest profession and the paintings and images found inside are well suited to a cat house. For a few pieces of gold the lucky are guaranteed a night they will never forget.

Average services: Morning Prayers are often held when one walks to bask in the after glow. The most Holy of prayers is sung just as dusk begins to call to the goddess so that no bed will be empty that night.

Holy Days: The Summer Solstice is known as the unveiling a time when all those faithful to Derrilyn go out and seek a mate for the night one who is the very picture of beauty and revel in the lust that they create. This is the time when acolytes rise up and become priestess in their own right.

The winter solstice is known as the reckoning where all favors are for a single coin and the priestess who earns the most rises to be High Priestess for the following year.

A personal Holiday is held for each priestess when ever the rare occurrence of Blood of Moons may happen during this time it is said that Derrilyn herself comes to the priestess and shows the truest meanings of Love and Lust

Alignments: Any Chaotic.
Duties: Caring to the needs of man and woman and offering their bodies to Derrilyn, opening the senses to all that there is and can be, and feeding and fueling the lust of others.
Domains: Pride Charm Lust and Chaos

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