Asastos – God of freedom

Lesser deity

Home plane: Pandemonian

Symbol: a dove?

Colors: purple, yellow

Celestial symbol:

Alignment: CN

Clerical alignment:CN, N, NG, CG, really no limitiations, but the no known lawful ones have existed, if they did they would have a hard time dealing with the disorder of his church

Portfolio: Freedom, anarchy

Domains: chaos, Liberation, trickery,

Worshipers: He is the god of anarchists and freedom fighters. Common peasants plea to him to free them from there plight, as do slaves.

Preferred vestments: none, this would interfere with freedom. Priests are required to where there symbol, if they feel like it.

Preferred weapon:

Cleric training:
Laymen who wish to join the church just ask, usually a cleric asks if he is joining of his own freewill, and they become a cleric.
Clerics are not forced to do anything, and to interpret the Dictum Asastos (the Word of Asastos) in there own words.

For all the unorganized nature of the church, surprisingly there are several temple complexes devoted to the god of freedom.
The greatest temple was in Twin Suns, the Grand Cathedral of freedom, was a complex of curiosity. Each Prelate, Bishop, Pope, Banza, or what ever the high priest called himself added something to the temple. It reportedly had rooms with no windows or doors, doors that led to a wall, windows that opened to another room, or even a door at the top of the bell tower that led outside (with no ledge to stop someone from falling over the edge).

Dogma: Freedom is the ultimate gift, do not hinder it. Protect the freedom of others, protect the freedom of life. Do what makes you happy, as long as it does not interfere with anothers freedom.

Philosophy: Well there is many philosophies associated with Asestos as every priest has a different interpretation of the Dictum asastos. The different philosophies range from extremist anarchy to a utopian model of democracy (where all peoples freedom are protected by a bill of rights). All the philosophies lead to one thing, that each person is an individual and deserves his choice, even if it leads to death.

Prayers: as Asestus is a god of freedom prayers can range from canticles that can last to days to one word prayers. There is basically no wrong way to pray to asestus, and he does not oblige his followers to pray.

Holydays: Asestos holds the 15th day of Shadow as a holiday that is widely celebrated amoung his followers. Again followers are not obligated to celebrate it, it just wildly is. This is freedom day, it celebrated differently from follower to follower, but mostly the followers will release someone from jail, and most of the times it is through legal means. Another holiday of taurus discurro on the 16th day of The Dragon, the followers of asestos will symbolically release bulls (and sometimes they actually own them) to run free through the streets, no one really knows where the tradition started, but now a lot of non Asestos followers use it as a reason to test there strength.

Typical Representation: Too many to mention.

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