Name: Janus Gylys
Age: 21
Birthday: 22nd day of the dragon
Description: Janus stands 5'6" 135 lbs with medium length brown hair, Bright green eyes that seem to have a silver flash in certin light.

Usual Dress: a haphazard collection of unrestricting clothing of cotton dyed in a myriad of colors. Janus's outfit looks diffrent day to day.

Family: Janus has an older brother, a skilled tailor and leather worker who owns a profitable shop in Dagon's Hollow. Janus's Parents Lucan and Heather are members of the city consul owning the local Inn house and brewery. Haven the Inn's name is known in the region for it's walnut lager and fresh meat pies made of chicken veil and beef, a fall version of the pies, is made of Venison, Bear meet and salmon. His younger sister Crimson has fiery red hair and brillant green eyes, wild and care free this 15 year old girl gets in trouble that would make most boys twinge in fear.

History: Born and raised in his families Inn Janus has meet a lot of people growing up, One of the most memmorable events was a traveling party who spoke of adventure and freedom, this group influenced Janus to accept his gift and apply at the Tower of wizardry in Emich. With his parents blessing and backing Janus was accepted and has begun studying last fall.

Personality: Janus is typically friendly, and jovial. He enjos the atmosphere of the inn and the good times found inside. Janus has several scars from his youth on his back and torso that are useually kept hidden as if he is ashamed of how he got them. When asked about them he tends to either evade the situation or makes up elaborate stories too fantastic to believe.

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