Current Story

It is the month of the unicorn, in the year 799. The story begins with rainy night at the Weary Tavern. Min and Azeroth, arrive and sit at one of the large table along with Calen, an Elf that they met on the way to the tavern.
Azeroth, a half orc, is dressed still in the clothes of his homeland. His thick fur cloak, a rare sight in the humid tropical heat of Edgewood. His dark skin, and tusk easily mark his as a half Orc, and his build easily marks him as a warrior. A warrior with very little weaponry though. Several Javelins, a short bow, and knife. His primary weapons, a set of razor sharp claws are neatly tucked away in his sleeves. In contrast, Min seem smaller, and frail, but against any other Elf the differences would be stark. Min Is well built and bulky, where most of his race are slender and wiry. He also carries no weapons, save a dagger. Even stranger are the markings on his face. Lines that run from his forehead back across his face to his ears and down to his chin. His arms also bear deep scars, though from what, is not as easily determined.
Across from them sits Calen, Also an elf and much more typical. Fair Skin, pointed ears, much the same as Min, but slender. Fit and trim, and dressed rather plainly. His eyes dart around the room taking in all while not being held by anything in particular. It was here at table they met their other companion, Cole Mason. Cole, a human, could pass for any other traveler except for one thing. A small mechanical bird that sat firmly upon his shoulder. As it turned its head from side to side, a faint whirring sound could be heard. Its eyes, two tiny glass lenses that could reflect light shined at it like the eyes of a cat. This was the only indication that Cole was not as ordinary as he seemed. He offered to but the others drink, and after a few moment of conversation, they soon discovered they were all new to edgewood.

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