Current Story

Aranthar has fallen into dark times. 35 years ago, The Kingdom of Eroth, suffered a devastating attack. The attack was not one of armies and battles but a subtler one. Agents of Condor, slipped themselves into some of the highest positions in the kingdom and worked on fall. The manipulated event through politics and assassination causing Eroth to invade Condor. Condor was prepared however and had made allies with the Kingdom of Lain to assist them an crush Eroth between them. Unfortunately Condor did not plan for a group of adventurers who foils the attack and saved the Eroth from being overwhelmed. Eroth went on to take the Capital of Condor, Kalista. The King of Eroth, humiialted and angry at manipulation, order Kalista razed.
Kalista, however was not just the capital of Condor, but a holy city, the center of the worship of Tahkene, Evil Goddess of Darkness and Monsters. The destruction of her city and subsequently her Main Temple anger her, and she sent her most powerful avatars to exact revenge. Five Great Dragons, each a Scion of the Demigod Tiamat. These dragons and their draconic follower ravished Eroth. They burned the great palace of Sanction, and captured the King. The greatest of the dragons, Ignivoraxx, burned the king in the center of the city, his fire so hot it left a crater of molten rock. From there the rest of the Great Dragons ravaged Aranthar, killing any who would not bend to the rule of Tahkene. At first many opposed them, but with the divine aid of their goddess, within 10 years they had completely subjugated Aranthar.
Today people live under the iron rule of the Great Dragons. They and their Dragon brethren are above all laws save that of Tahkene. They take what they will, and demand tribute to increase their horde and amuse them. They mostly stay our of the normal affairs of mortals, leaving the day to day management to their worshippers. When something happens though that command their attention, they are quick to act, destroying entire villages for small transgressions.

The year is 835. You are students of the Seaport Academy. The world you live in is not very different on the surface, then what Aranthar looked like 35 years ago, but there are major differences. The Vemoraxx, or Dragon Priests as they are more commonly known , have complete authority in Aranthar. Only the the word of a Chromatic dragon, or the Laws of Tahkene take precedence over them. The allow the nobility to rule as they always have, but unlike in times past, A noble influence is usually determined by their usefulness to the Vemoraxx, rather than their bloodline. The nobles are responsible for ensuring that their people can provide the tribute the Vemoraxx demand on behalf of the Great Dragon that rules their region. They usually have complete autonomy to ensure this however they wish. Some try to provide for their people as best they can while fulfilling the demands of their masters. Other use their place to take advantage of the people and provide a good life for themselves.

Tahkene’s Laws
The Great Dragons
Why didn’t the good Gods step in
Where are the good Dragons
The Resistance

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