Different Regions of Nor, call thier money by different names. Below are thier equivelencies in the standard coins.

Copper Penny. Also called jot, shim, bit, penny 1cp
Silver Penny. Also Called Jinx, Chit, Half Mark 5 cp
Silver Mark, Also Called Mark, Silver, Tanner, Half Crows, Hard one 1 sp
Gold Mark, Also Called Crowns, Jack or Full Jacks 1 gp
Gold Dollar, Also Called Dollars, Royals. 10 gp

Ducar also called Luckies. 1cp
Silver Dukes also called Dukes. 1sp
Golden Eagles, also called Eagles. 1gp
Platinum Bars, also called Plates. 1PP

Lantern 1cp
Shield 1sp
Sword 1gp
Justice 1pp

Amon - 1gp
Shekle - 1sp
Biat - 1cp

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