Craft S Faire

This Holiday practiced in Eroth and Emic and other places where worship of the Norathian Pantheon is common, is dedicated to Oxor and the craftsmen he is the patron of. Usually there is a large festival, and the craftsman of the cities set out booth where they sell their wares. This is different from a market day as it is intended showcase crafted goods exclusively rather then raw materials, though in most towns and cities these days both are displayed. There are many events that are associated with these fairs includeing but limited to the following.

  • In most larger cities this is the day when a journeyman can have his work judged to see if he can be ranked a master
  • there are usually competitions where craftsmen compete against each other for bragging rights or even prizes from local guilds.
  • This day is usually when Guild Dues are due, and when new craftsmen can petition for some of the more exclusive guilds
  • In many capital cities, this day is when a master can be declared a Grandmaster of his art by the other masters of the regions.
  • This day is sacred of followers of Oxor. Priests usually act as judges in competitions.
  • This is a day for priests of Oxor to display their lifework.
  • In many cities, merchants gather and sell contracts for rare materials, something that is hard to find on other days.
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