Coral Reef

Coral Reef


Coral Reef was located on the western Shore of Lake Gloom in Arrnonia. It is a Large sized town of almost 8000 people. The area around it is mostly fertile farmland, except to the southwest where the Shrouded forest is found.


Coral Reef was founded by a group of adventurers looking for fortune in the Shrouded Forest. They discovered the plateau in the year 340. The area was home to a vicious pack of bugbears. The four adventurers, Ari Daventree, Marmell Arbor, Garmin Steele, and Victor Kerlin set out to drive the bugbears back into the mountain from whence they believe they came. Once they did, they marveled at the view from the Cliff side, and together built an inn/ tavern. It was called the Overlook and still stands today. They often returned after their adventures, and soon had homes built there. People came from all around and slowly a town grew. The four named it Coral Reef, after the city that once stood to the south, when the Island was a part of the Kingdom of Eroth.
As Coral Reef grew into a Thriving town, the four nobles worked out a deal with the new inhabitants. They got together the richest of the newcomers and offered them a piece of the city. For a price, they could buy land and become a member of the House of Nobles that would rule the city. With this arrangement, the four split the town four ways, and began making deals with the other nobles to sell off portions of their split. Over the years the families that sit on the House of Nobles has change, but the original four founding families have always held the greater portion. In the year 735 Gabriel Daventree a powerful Necromancer had attempted to gain control of the city, and in fact much of Western Aranthar with it. His plan was stopped when a group of adventurers discovered that Gabriel in fact had died and his body was taken over by the spirit of an old ancestor. He was killed by another Daventree, but his actions left a mark on the city. The Steele Family suffered the worst, losing many of its members in the uprising. While it is slowly recovering, the House of Noble has taken away their seat as a ruling family. Several other houses were affected as well and of the houses still ruling Coral Reef, Daventree is the most powerful. Nominally the city is under jurisdiction of Count Baron, as all of Arnonia is, but the Count has not tried tried to influence the city. Should that happen the powerful rules are sure to push back.


According to the town charter and the agreement made with the founding houses, the town is ruled by a house of nobles, all being equal. In truth however, the three founding houses hold most of the power, as each of the other nobles usually owe some debt to one of them. The House of Daventree is actually the most influential, though it has the least amount of nobles in its debt. It holds power, because it simply has not sold much of its holdings. The family owns roughly 40% of the town. In fact while the other founding houses were selling, Daventree was buying from anyone who could not afford to keep their land, growing it’s ownership of the city. Because of this, There are many in the city that somehow owe their livelihood to the Daventrees and will not often vote against them. There are also rumors that the Noble family has a way of bringing retribution to those who do not see things their way.


Coral Reef has a standing city guard of about 100. There is also a standby militia that they can also rely on. The noble also pledge to defend the city from any attack when they are given a seat in the house. Coral reef hold no real advantage for anyone invading, and has little need to defend itself. The biggest threat to the city is monster threats from the surrounding wilderness or its own internal politics.


The town is mostly self sufficient, growing its foodstuff on the large estates of the founding houses. The cities biggest exports are coral and pearls. The city is known for the beautiful Coral that grown at the bottom of the lake It is also the only place on Nor where one can find Black Pearls. These can be found in oysters that lie in the sand at the bottom of the lake. Finding them is difficult as Lake Gloom is know for is dark gloomy water. Even the brightest day does not illuminate the dark water. In addition the lake it home to a large Sea Hydra which lives cloe to where the oysters can be found. Trying to harvest them by boat is impossible as the hydra will destroy any sucj vessel, so it is up to individual diver braving the depths to gather them. Most of these trips end in empty oysters, which are still worth up to 10 GP a QT due to their rarity. When one is found with a black pearl though, the diver is set for life. The pearls are worth up to 1000 gp on the market. The noble who is sponsoring that diver takes precautions that the divers does not try to escape with the pearl. They pay them well, and punish any attempts at stealing the pearls harshly.

Notable Places

Overlook Tavern - This tavern overlook the high cliffs of the city. It is the only public building facing the eastern side of the city, the other building taken up by private residences.

Notable People

Rose Daventree - While there are many Daventrees in the family, only one of each generation sits in the House of Nobles. That person is usually the Heir to the Daventree Legacy. That hier is Rose Daventree. Rose is said to take after Rebecca Daventree who was said be a great friend of the common people. Rose is a master of herbcraft and often uses her skills to help out those who are hurting or sick.

Analee Arbor - Arbor noble sitting in the House. She is known to be ruthless when it comes to getting what she wants, and hedonistic in her pleasures. She delights in making people do thing they would not normally do.

Tanis Kerlin III - The Kerlin's are a merchant family, and have made a name for themselves in the money changing business and banks. The Kerlin Vault hold much of the funds of the wealthiest nobles in the city. Tanis himself runs the vault, and facilitates business among the nobles. He is also the city treasurer, in charge of managing the tax collectors.

Hunter Hale - Following in his grandfather's footstep (Saxton Hale) Hunter is a well known for his skill with a bow. Living up to his name, he is an avid hunter with trophy room filled with tokens of monsters he has killed. He is known, however for his obsession with one monster that he has not been able to kill. The great Sea Hydra of lake Gloom. A wooden leg and a missing ear is a memento of his last encounter with the creature.

Other Noble houses

Rejicks - This family was sponsored by the Arbor's and remain very loyal.
Enlonquicedo's - A prominent merchant family trading on most of Coral Reef.
Halloways - A family almost as old as the founders. The family is always run by three matriarchs, sisters, who sit on the house of nobles, but have one vote.
Laniers - No nonsense businessman, recently inducted into the house.
Steele - Once a founding member of Coral Reef, the family has fallen far form it's beginnings. Many of the family have left Coral reef and though they are still talked of with respect, they have been voted off the council.

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