Copercus was once a farmer, living comfortably Southern Emic, when one day a fiery comet fell from the sky and landed on him while tilling his fields. He did not die, but instead awoke with a new understanding of the world. He could see the patterns of time, and devine all manner of things. However, the comet did more then give him wonderous sight, it change him. It changed his mind, and made him unable to communicate his gift. He roamed the land for years, not able to share his gift until he found Abalaster. This albino had the ability to look into his thoughts and tell what he was thinking, but only if copercus was not attempt to read the patterns. At least now the seer had a way to talk to people. They traveled to a Temple of Kiril, god of fate, and there they met a wise priest who told them copercus had been gifted by Kiril and his path lay ahead. He would find thoes who could get the message out.

A few later Copercus found his salvation. He found them each seperatly. They are called the fates, and each one was born deaf mute. They each grew up in a solitary existance living off of the kindness of strangers. When they found Copercus they found they could speak in his presense, but only a single word. Thought however speak to him mind to mind.

Copercus not traveles with them all. Abalaster is his voice and speaks for him in all manner normal. The fates, while they can communicate with him, only speak one word each. One says "Yes", One says "no" andthe last can say "uncertain". They get these words from copercus, when he reads the patterns to answer questions put to him. Together the five make a single enitiy, and travel, helping thoes in need of guidence.

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