Connecting To Ley Lines

My research is begining to bear fruit. In a short time I believe I very well may be able to anchor my magics to a diffrent source of power relieving the spell pool of a little of its tax. I am hopefull that this will allow me a broader range of magic and eliminate the need of a unwanted componet to my spell casting. Great things are ahead I can feel it. But my research is expensive, we need to find an alternate revenue stream.

Now that the truth is out I have faith in my companions (after not killing me outright) to aid me in my transformation to apply the power of the ley to my magic and no longer fuel them by Fyre. Hopefully the information in Jurgenfist will allow me to finish this change with out burning my self out of this world.

While the dangers are very real, and the personal consiquencies dire, This is something that i must do for the alternate is unthinkable

My research has proved a success. No longer do I need to channel magic through soulfire. That in and of itself places an ease upon my heart. Now to focus on the next objective The Chancillor.

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