Condor is the southwest region of Eastern Aranthar. It is bordered by the Thorodon Mountains to the East, and the Cyclone Sea to the south. To the west lies the Misty Marsh and beyond that, the Unsettled Lands. North lies the Horseshoe mountains and beyond that the Kingdom of Eroth.


Condor is mostly open plains. There are three forests in the region. Ebb, Cadwyn, and Lonwyn Forest. The River Pherile cuts through the center of Condor, as it makes its way from the high mountains, out to the cyclone sea. All of the village and town can be found along the river except the capitol itself.

Ebb - A very large forest of various trees. It borders Northeast Condor and is too far from any town or city to play a big impact. Those who have traveled days in to the forest have found that it might be home to more than just animals.

Cadwyn - This small forest in Mid-East Condor supplies a lot of the wood that the small lumber town earn their living from. It is also an old forest and is a great source of herbs and other plants. Stories of Ole One Eye A large One eyed Giant have been around for years, giving the forest a dark reputation. For toes who log in it, however, they know it is just a normal forest with normal denzeins.
Other stories include Cadwyn's Tree.

Lonwyn Forest is a large forest in eastern Condor with a dark reputation. It is said the priestesses of Takhene use the darkest and deepest part of the forest to create thier atrocities. They hold evil rituals to call forth dark servants and feed them the blood of innocents to fuel their power. If you climb high enough, you can see a dark spire in the center of the forest, black as night, rising above even the tallest trees. These that enter the heart of Lonwyn rarely return. These may be the tale associated with most thick forests, but one thing is know for sure. The spire is there and can be seen from the highest towers in Calista. There are many stories of Lonwyn Forest, including the Spire, Lonwyn's Tree, the Mudders, and the Spider Path.

The forest of Lonwyn and Cadwyn forest are so named because of two sisters who lived in the ancient city of Avgastan which once stood where the forest are now. Each one, daughter of the powerful King of Avgastan though that she and only she was the most beautiful of his children. One day an witch came to the two of them and told them, this feud must be brought to a close or both will suffer. She bade them to wear their finest dress and be tier most beautiful and strike a pose for all the gods to see. The one that could hold her pose the longest will be the winner, and the other will admit her beauty. Both did so and so strong was their stubbornness that days passed before either of them moved. Finally when exhaustion and lack of food took their toll, each moved at the same time. They moved only to find that their feet had grown root, and the legs had already turned to wood, and not long after all them had turned and they were the most beautiful trees ever seen in Human lands. Even this day, if you visit the heart of Cadwyn, you can see the tree of Cadwyn, still in it's human pose.

Lower Condor



Condor truly only has one major City. That is Calista it's capitol. There is large town called Cottus. There are also several smaller villages and towns. Veer Ferry, Astall, Dasic or Danzic] Depending on the new or old spelling, and finally Acis.

Calista - The capitol of Condor

Cottus This port town is not really a trading stop but more of a fishing village. It is not large enough to handle the large trading vessels that run from seaport to Emik to Eroth, however the few smaller faster vessels can put in here and make good coin usually emptying thier cargo. Most of the town are fisherman or support the fisher man. For a small town, it does sport 3 taverns. Two only open when the trading boats come in during the fall and spring. (They will not chance the summer storms usually)

Acis This small village is mostly a ghost town these days. Sitting at the edge of the thorodan Mountains, Acis used to be a prosperous mining town. When the mine dried up, the people were not able to pay thier taxes and one by one left to make their way else where, ot were taken to work for Condor. The few that were left have small farms, and mainly keep to themselves. Every once in a while an adventurer will come through looking for old treasure in the mines, or some prospectors looking to find gold or silver in places nearby. All most all leave empty handed.

Veer Ferry This village is almost big enough to be called a town, but not quite yet. It is broken into two villages really, North Veer, and South Veer, but only those that live there really know the difference. The two side are broken up by the river Pherile, which runs cold and fast here. Anyone moving wanting to cross the river usually will do it at Veer Ferry, as it is the safest crossing along the entire length. Because of that the village is able to support more than a few travelers. It is also where crafters that can not afford the rates Calista charges, set up shop. The prefect of Veer Ferry it a pious man, completely beholden to the priestesses and will follow their orders explicitly

Astall This small village is the second smallest village in Condor. The people most log and farm, and from time to time a craftsman will move in and stay a while.

Dansic. Dansic is the smallest of all the villages of Condor, and is truly little more than a homlet. The people are so far away from Calista they it is easy to forget they are part of Condar, until the tax collector comes. Dansic also does not have much room for guest, so most merchants barely stop by when coming from Cottus.


Condor is ruled by King Edris, Worshiper of Tahkene. Her Priestesses have autonomy in the kingdom. They believe in the strong survive and dominate the weak.

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