Below is a list of the Base classes found in Nor from their various sources. This list is not all inclusive. There may be classes that are/will be available. If the class has an Asterisk near it, it means that I have to have plenty of notice before playing it, as it is not included in DM Genie, and will have to be added.

Core Classes

Fighter are the staple Class of Nor. Most fighters have been formally trained by a person or a group. Some are just those that pick up the art on their own. When creating a fighter you should have an idea where you learned you weapon skills. There are several Fighting Styles that you may have learned from.
There are no generic Clerics on Nor. Evey Cleric needs to worship a Deity to get their spells. Depending on the region a cleric is in, depends on his social status. Most cleric are well respected and have a sort of "honorary nobility" but this is not true in all places. See the specific region for more information about the religion there.
We use the unchained Rogue, there are no changes or anything else special about rogues. Because they come in all type, ow they are treated is usually based on how they act.
The biggest changes to the core classes are Wizards. Recently all free magic has been controlled (see Magic for more details) and in order to cast third level spells you need access to that magic. There are several ways to access magic, the most common being conduits, given out by the Towers of Wizadry. Another is to use Mage Marks that the Chi Cshuran mages use. Please see the magic section for specifics on what to use to get access to lvl 3 spells or higher. Wizard have a mixed relationship with the people of Nor. Some great catastrophes have been cause by wizards, so they are feared in many places. Recent events have made the people more open to magic users but they are mistrusted.
Animal Companions are full level versions. Like rogues, they are judged individually.
There are really only a few gods that have paladins. Kerius, and Grazon. These lawful gods are known for having holy warriors go out and quest for them. The One God is also known to have Paladins. There are possibilities of other gods having paladins, but they would be very very rare. There are several god that have paladin type classes associated with them, but while these classes are similar to paladins, they are not the same.
We use the unchained Monk. Monks are rather rare, but there are several places that train them.
Unchained Sacred Fist
These arcane spell casters are those that have somehow gotten around the restriction of needing a conduit. Most are through deals with powerful creatures, who link themselves to the sorcerer. Some have Dragon Blood, or Fey Blood. Some are able to draw their power from souls of unsuspecting innocents. You will find more information in the magic section. If you wish to play a sorcerer, please see the DM to work up a reason for your magical talent. Character who can "just do magic" are knows as Adepts, and are very very rare. Wizards view sorcerers as a Powerful threat to the world, as they are able to gain immense power and have little work to do for it. Wizards see Sorcerers as too quick to use their magic and the potential for great destruction. Some even hunt sorcerers.
No Changes. Many places see them as they are, uncivilized and primitive and treat them as such.
No Changes

Advanced Players Guide

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Ultimate Combat

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Ultimate Magic

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Advanced Class Guide

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3rd Party

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Psionic Expanded

No Changes Psions are very rare but available.
Psychic Warrior
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Custom Classes/archetypes

Dragon Slayer - Ranger archetype

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