Energy Master

Skills: Knowledge:Psionics 5 Ranks, Knowledge: The Planes 1 Ranks
Feats:Psicrystal Affinity, Elemental Envoy, Privledged Energy
Powers:Energy Ray, Energy Missile, Energy Cone
Special:Elemental Envoy must match chosen energy

Class Abilites
HD: D6
Skill Points per Lvl: 2+Int Mod
Skills: Concentration(Con), Craft(Int), Knowledge[Psionics](Int), Knowledge[The Planes](Int), Profession(Wis), Psicraft(Int)

Level BAB Fortitude Reflex Will Class Features Psionics
1 +0 0 0 2 Energy Specialty, Resistance:5 +1 Manifester Lvl
2 +1 0 0 3 Sleep Immunity +1 Manifester Lvl
3 +1 1 1 3 Energy Penetration +1 +1 Manifester Lvl
4 +2 1 1 4 Resistance:10 +1 Manifester Lvl
5 +2 1 1 4 Energy Focus+1, Envoy Cognizance ----
6 +3 2 2 5 Dark Vision +1 Manifester Lvl
7 +3 2 2 5 Resistance:20 +1 Manifester Lvl
8 +4 2 2 6 Energy Penetration +2, Dazzling Energy +1 Manifester Lvl
9 +4 3 3 6 Immunity to Paralysis and Poison +1 Manifester Lvl
10 +5 3 3 7 Elemental Perfection, Energy Focus +2, Energy Immunity ----

Class Features

Energy Specialty The first step to Energy Mastery requires the Energy Master to Select a chosen energy (Fire, Sonic, Cold, or Electricity) This choice must be the same as the corresponding element of the psions Elemental Envoy and Privledged Energy Feats.
From this point on all powers that deal energy damage deal a type of energy as associated with your Envoy and Privledged Energy.

Resistance At first level you are able to shrug off some of the damage you recieve that matches your chosen energy type. This increases to Resistance: 10 at 4th level, and then Resistance: 20 at 7th level.

Sleep Immunity The Energy Master is no longer affected by sleep effects.

Energy Penetration At 3rd level, an Energy Master recieves a +1 Bonus on caster level checks to overcome Spell/Power Resistance. This bonus increases to +2 at 8th level. This bonus stacks with Power Penetration and Greater Power Penetration.

Energy Focus At 5th level all your energy powers save DC increase by 1. The DC increases by a total of 2. This bonus stacks with the bonus from Psionic Endowment and Greater Psionic Endowment.

Energy Cognizance At 5th level you recieve this as a bonus feat.

Darkvision At 6th level an Energy Master recieves Darkvision to a range of 60ft.

Immunity to Paralysis and Poison At 8th level an Energy Master is no longer affected by poison or paralysis.

Dazzling Energy At 8th Lvl you recieve this as a bonus feat.

Elemental Perfection As Elemental Savant pg 34 Complete Arcane

Energy Immunity At 10th level an Energy Master is completly immune to thier chosen energy.

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