Civic Quarter

The central hub of Sanction holds all the buildings that are important to the running of the city. It is surrounded by an inner wall with a gate to all four of the Cities quarters. The center of the Civic Quarter is the Palace. It is here the King resides. In the throne room is the Throne and upon it the Sword Peacekeeper.

Other places in the city include:
The Embassy District - This section of the quarter is the homes to be used by visiting emissaries of other nations. Each one is built with an eye toward the land it represents.
The Academy of the Arts, Martial - this school offers training in weapons and other fighting styles. It is the largest know collection of arms trainers in the world, specializing in dozens of styles.
The Academy of the Arts, Arcane - This School offers instruction in arcane magic, covering topics such as basic and advanced spellcasting, Rituals, Arcane Lore, Magic Theory, and Item of Power Creation. It boats one of the largest magical libraries in Aranthar. It offers classes from novice, to Expert.
The Hall of Justice - this building is where trials are held for those who break the law. It is also the traning center for justicars, advocates, lawyers, and emissaries to other nations.
The Stone This large building is the Cities prison, made to hold up to 1000 inmates. Eroth does not put criminals to death except in the case of high crimes. All others spend time in the Stone.
The Mercantile Exchange This is the main guildhouse of the Merchant's guild. While there is a chapter in Sub-sanction and the Market District, this is where most of the decisions are made regarding which good to tariff and from where. There is also a hub for the financial market of Eroth, where craters, traders, etc can come to talk trade, and look for suppliers of factors.
The Knight Garrison - The Largest Garrison of Metallic Knights is located in Sanction and is responsible for providing protection to emissaries, officials and other who the guard are not equipped to handle.
The City Guard - The Guard barracks and training ground are also in the Civic District.
The Silver Raven Mercenary Company - led by Abril, a fierce fighter who worked her way up from the bottom of the company, to first lieutenant. She took over the company when the old leader fell in battle. She is one of the most skilled fighters in Aranthar, whether it be a duel, or a strategic battle.
City Offices - This building is where the people can go for civic matters, like disputes, taxes, permits, etc

Personalities of the Civic Quarter.
Lord Steward Tyral Knott - The current Steward of Sanction. He was selected by the Council of Eroth to run the day to day activities of the city.
Malcolm Stark - Minister of Finance and High director of the Merchant's Guild. Matthew is an older man, middle years who has been around merchants most of his life. He owns shares in several trading companies and is an advocate for the cities merchants. He is often at odd with the rest of the council, as their goals do not always coincide.
Ulthas Morallis High Commander of the Knight of Eroth, and minister of Defense. This middle age knight is still impressive in his Gold Armor, which he wears to every function. He is a man of action rather than word and is often bluntly honest is his speech. He looks out for the safety of Eroth and its people.
Rulos Carrenmor High priest of Kerius and of Eroth can often be seen walking the streets, in his White robes. He looks much like a fighter rather than a priest. He is concerned with making sure the Nation stay on the correct moral path.
Cheng Liling First Ambassador of Xio Tsi. The only Xio Tsi official known west of the Great Wall. She came to Eroth to open diplomatic relationtion with the Eastern country and has been here for several years.
Gennevene Archbright The people's representative on the Council of Eroth.

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