Children S Rhymes

Children's rhymes often have a darker theme to them. The rhymes and jumprope chants of Nor are no different.

Mumble Mumble
mumble mumble Scarecrow
Alone in the maize
Sleeping in the daytime
A stitched man he stays

But when the moon she rises
Up Mumble gets
He shakes his hand first
Then moves his feet the nex

And when the dog is snoring
And when your fast asleep
Mumble Mumble Scarecrow
Will find you good to eat

Attic Whisper
Can you hear him waking?
Up above the stairs?
Can you hear him weeping?
Is he really there?

Can you say ‘I’m speaking?’
Are you saying naught?
Is it you who’s weeping?
Is it you he’s caught?

When the nursery rhyming
Has whispered up above
Is it you who sounds
In the attic, my love?

When you hear your voice
Echoing on high
Is the voice a whisper
Is it just his lie?

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