Age: 16 Birthday: 17th of Pheonix
Description: 5' 8" brown eyes brown hair 123 pounds

Usual Dress: red robes

Family: Orphanwas raised by Brian Lorespinner, a priest of Gilidan and a seeker

History: His parents were part of a merchant caravan but both grew sick shortly after his birth they left the caravan near a small town of Humberton on the outskirts of Eroth but died the very night they arrived in the town Thomas was then taken in by Brian Lorespinner a priest of Gilidan who ran a library and temple to the god of knowledge he raised Thomas as his own, Thomas took an interest in learning at a young age and was a fast learner. when not spending his time taking care of the library he was always reading. then one day these odd people came into the town one of which had amazing powers which young Thomas's curiosity discovered and that is when his adventures began …

Personality: He is obsessed with knowledge and learning and studying everything he sometimes looses himself in his own thoughts and frequently appears to be talking to himself. he is also very curious

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