Name: Tharen
Age: 16 Birthday: Dragon 10

Description: Tharen is very tall and broad for his age. Standing at almost 6'6, he is a full head taller than most of his friends. He is still in a growth spurt so he continues to get taller (his mother told him that her grand father was close to 7 feet tall). His hair is the color of straw and he had striking blue eyes. He has very little facial hair, and a handsome face.

Usual Dress: Tharen usually wears a suit of Full Plate. He can be seen carrying a Bastard sword, a quiver of javellins both usually strapped to his back. An assortment of weapons are usually seen on his person. When not in armor or ready for battery he wears simple clothing (usually brown and white) except for some nice boots given to him by his mentor Thomas, in his boot he holds a dagger in a scabbard. .

Family: Aparrantly created, he has no parents but were raised by a couple of farmers both deceased. They were killed in an attack that also killed the families of Corvin, Rydell and Arthas. His mentor thomas was also taken during the raid.

History: Tharen recently learned of his true origin, it appears a group called the Triad created Tharen and his other friends from the little hamlet of Dansic, as an experiment. He was always a big kid, and the son of the Village Hero Villas. Villas was born and raised in Dansic, to a local merchant farmer. He was about to leave to find fame and fortune, when his then girlfriend, and daughter of a local woodsman Kira, became pregnant with his child, this was the stroy told to him by his mother, the truth cannot be confirmed. This forced him to stay and buy a farm to support his family. He never got over this, and blamed all his misfortunes and lack of adventure on his family. Outwardly he became the role of the hero that he always wanted to be. He was popular and would always seem to wanna help everyone, usually forcing his wife or son to do some labor for his "friends". One night the village was raided by some bandits, and Villas inspired the village to give chase. He and Thomas, (a distant relative of his mother) encountered the bandit camp in the woods, it is not known what happened. Villas accounts say that he was captured and fought his way out. Thomas said that Villas stumbled in the camp and it was Thomas that helped free him, but because of Kira, he kept that to himself. Villas when drunk (which was often) blamed his wife and child for his misfortune of being a farmer and not out being an adventurer, and beat them mercilessly. When Tharen was older he saved his mother from certain death, only to be yelled at by her to never ever touch or hurt his father. Tharin wanted to leave but was forced to stay, to protect his mother. He found that his father would leave him alone most of the time, and was actually a great and loving perosn when not drunk, but those moments were few. Then the day happened when he while splitting wood he split the log. His father looked in fear, and that night while Tharen was sleeping, His father tied the young boy to a bed and his drunken father pulled a knife and slashed his mother across her face. He told him if he ever used that power again he would kill him and his mother. Tharen was scared and kept his power hidden. In order to keep her boy in check and make sure he did nothing rash, Kira asked Thomas to take him under his wing. That is when he began training and his discepline, and under thomas's tutalage he became a strong efficient fighter. This has kept his anger in check, his discipline.
In the recent raid Tharen has lost his father and mother, and his friend thomas.

They have since explored most of Condor even going to the capital. There he met further companions including Edris, the crown prince of Condor. Along the way he has come to dislike Benatar for taking his friend Rydell, and Victor his cousin. Thomas had always warned of giving into hatred and anger, it can blind a man in combat he used to say. Rydell was so full of that hatred, that now he understood what he was talking about. As for Victor whom had converted from a faithful of Sul to an ugly servant of Benatar and betrayed his other friends. Unlike his friends he knows that if he gives into the revenge in his heart, he would only give himself to him, no instead he wants to forgive his old friend, he wants to try to bring him back if possible, he is dreading the eventual confrontation.

In the meantime he has found some more interesting companions the enigmatic and mysterious Advil, who comes in and out of there lives. The great Seer Thomas and the True Priest of Sul a man by the name of Matheus. Tharen has become quite fond of Mathias and the teachings of the lady that Victor began when he was a child, but remembers what happens to Rydell to fully give in.
For a Time they were and still for the most part are minions of A Vampire Lord. Though not by choice.

He has journeyed to Great Eroth, meeting a new companian named Jak. Jak is a troublemaker, but in Tharen's eyes a great friend. He has found he is there when he needs him.

During this time he has learned that the Gauntlet is a artifact of an Evil Champion of Bennetar called the Doombringer. Tharen is trying not to become this champion. Though in recent events, tharen has completed the five links.

Personality: He is usually quiet and doesn't complain, he goes with the flow and complacent. He wants to fit in, and strives to, but something always holds him back. He is very close and devoted to his friends and his late family. He is unbearably shy now even more so since gaining this deformaty to his face and usually blushes when talked to by a stranger. In front of women he is almost childlike to the point he looks foolish. He hates killing and will usually try to save the person if possible, he is having fits of bloodlust lately that he can no longer control. He is gaining more confidence now especially after meeting Thomas and Mathias. Since getting a gauntlet it seems he is feeling more confidant, but also feeling more rage. The rage has intesified and he has began questioning his fate, he like his father is starting to blame others. He has no outlet for his rage and he is bottling inside, when will it explode. He still has the one goal of completing what needs to be done. After he only wants to buy a farm, meet a young lady, marry her and having many children.

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" Tharen is strong as an Ox and the first person you want standing beside you in a fight, only if he could come to terms that some people are diffrent and that doesn't make them bad…" Corvin Oakridge

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