Name: Tavan Trent
Age: 22 with the looks of a 17 year old Birthday: Dragon 19
Description: Short dark hair a popular style of today's youth, Blue eyes 6'3" 155 lbs
Usual Dress: A chain shirt covered by a stylish cloak lether pants and a belt made from the scales of a green dragon
Homeland: Emich
Parents:Minor Traders in Emich still alive and doing well (they tend to spend the warmer months in Pine's Grove and the cooler in Hilston
Siblings: Three older brothers who all have specailities in the family business
Spouse/kids: none

History: As the fourth son of a minor merchant family Tavin always knew growing up that there would be nothing for him in the family business, so he spent his time (At his mothers insistance) learning to read and write all manner of languages, the wheres of diffrent locals and about machines all things she personally saw to him witnessing and visiting. Now he travels to assist the minor band of miscreants he has fallen in with, after they kind of helped him in a pinch in Coral Reef, Origionally Tavin left Emich to explore and learn about life by those that are living it, and to escape an arragined marrige that his father had set up to marry him off.

Why you became an adventurer?:
It was a case of being at the right place at the wrong time, when he overheard of his pending doom (Marriage) Tavan took off with a little bit of money and hopefully some luck. He fanced him self a daring swash buckler in search of true love, he's still looking, but found good friends to spend the time with along the way.
Close Friends:
The band he travels with are closer then his "close" friends back home, and after Twilight Hall Tavan is starting to appreciate even Gabriels Macabre Skills
Enemies: None that he is aware off but he has put off a few people in his travels, but no one holds a grudge for long right?

Personality: ::

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